I make art in strange places and blog about it.

Here’s a parable I wrote a year ago and it ALSO includes a reading of it by yours truly. Please check it out, one way or another and let me know what you think.


It is not clear if the snake was once a man. It seemed as though the powerful snake had always been there, always hungry for power.

Early on, the snake was only twice as powerful as man and he struggled alongside man to retain and expand his power. The snake’s advantage allowed him to advance to twice that of man and then twice that until his rate of growth over man became exponential.

There was once a time when the snake was loud and obscene and he ruled man ruthlessly with displays of public cruelty. He challenged man. He worked his slaves to build fortresses of gold for him and he whipped thousands of men and killed thousands more with ease. He humiliated man for sport.

The snake had an unquenchable lust for material wealth and he knew that he had to keep man producing. The snake had nothing without…

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