Free Range Life (a poem)

Fishbowling on Sunset by Lauren "Lemon" Randolph, 2011
I lived in this house
with this life
a wife
it was placid
I broke from that
to dig up
chaos & strife with
drama & friction
some would call
Wandering mendicant
I would glorify
as if a monk or someone
Free verse
free roam
free range cock
without a home
justifying simple existence
do what I want
roam free
mooch? who me?
But I didn’t steal
(except that one time, it was a Ginsberg book)
& I wasn’t lazy
and it’s true
I was true
maybe not to you
but I was true
continuance of my mission
cultivation of motivation
I’m tellin’ you
these things are true
I was true
A man without means
true to his mission
an ex-patriot of sorts
Broke some hearts
& cracked some eggs
Rendered poetry from life
But ya see Reverend
I was looking for
This is not my confession
more provocation
’cause my mission is
mobile self elevation
’cause you see Reverend
I want to lead the Revelation
Self preservation
the key
Artists used to be the self guided leaders of
I found all I need
my creativity


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