Sometimes The Best We Can Hope For Is To Piss Somebody Off

OK, maybe not so exciting for you to look at on this blog site, but today I hung the name tags and the text in my show at TMCC. I chose writings and hung a fairly random selection of them. I’ve enjoyed it thouroughly, looking thru my writings to choose the right ones for this college atmosphere. There’s some stuff in there, not exactly education oriented and I’m expecting SOMEONE to be pissed by SOMETHING I say in there, but that’s literature, I guess.

Wow, I just referred to something I’ve made as literature. Hmm..

The opening is NEXT Wed. Feb. 6th at 5pm. I hope to see you there, but if not, just swing up here and take a look yourself, while it’s quiet, and please, fer godssakes, TELL SOMEBODY about it if ya’ like it. I’m putting 100% into this show because I’m a painter and a writer and this is the first time I get to display both disciplines.

Exhibit details:

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