The Rise of the Creative Class: NadaDada Motel Does it Again

NadaDada came from a similar place that Burning Man did so I don’t mind giving them credit for inspiring our movement. has a huge following and I’m very thankful to them for posting this interview. World wide publicity is always welcome. I’m proud of our conversation.

Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

by Whatsblem the Pro

There are a lot of ways to burn, and when you start talking about what makes someone a burner or not a burner, chances are good that you’re about to say something foolish. One thing that does tend to hold true, though, is that part of being a burner is being comfortable with ad-hocracy, and being motivated to make things.

As our culture penetrates the mainstream, outbursts of grassroots art that bring our values from the Man to Main Street are inevitable.

This weekend in Reno, the loose and unled affiliation of artists known as NadaDada Motel got together for their seventh year, to unleash a weird and wonderful fireball of creativity on midtown. They usually do their thing in June, but NadaDada is growing! This year the group mustered a second February event, dubbed “Nada Gras.”

The premise is simple: “Get a room, make a…

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