The Traveling Miracle Show Pt. 3– John Hancock’d Beer

Photo of Kenway's Beer courtesy Travelling Miracle Show
Still shot from of Kenway’s beer video courtesy of The Travelling Miracle Show

Jenessa Kenway spoke with a vaguely New Zealander (Kiwi) accent. Adrianne and I had been informed that there’s an exhibition in “the back room” and that the artist would be happy to tell us all about it. She was…

We ventured into the dark room and saw looped video projected of a bottle of Miller High Life, slowly overflowing into a brass spittoon that was real and shelved down near the floor “catching” the overflow. OK.

The title of this piece was “Fountain of Youth”. OK, cool–Slacker generation’s version of Bill Viola, OK.

But she did wanna’ talk about it (it was obvious she writes art reviews) and I know I’m comin’ off snarky, but I gotta’ say, Jen, I got it. So to punctuate the art talk about continually spilling beer, I asked about her accent.

The New Zealand accent–I’m happy to report–is like a mix of the owwwowww wuwwlllghhh sound of the Aussies and the cocky matter-of-fact sound of the Americans. No Mary Poppins-tight lip–uppity pithy Britishness about it. Kiwis, I’m surmising, are the funnest people on the planet to drink with.

Kenway was selling bottles of Miller High Life with her signature on them. Price was akin to most bars playing pulmonary inducing music.

I did not buy a bottle of her John Hancock’d High Life.

What I did find out was that Jen writes art reviews for a weekly in Vegas. We have that in common (though I write elsewhere) and quickly the conversation went to giving “harsh” reviews and the backlash we sometimes have to suffer for the things we say in print. She’s gonna’ be jealous when she sees how freely I’m able to write for my own blog. Scott Dickensheets? Brian Burghart?–fuck those guys, Chad Sorg is my editor.

By the way, Jenessa Kenway is American. A couple of the artists in The Traveling Miracle Show are New Zealanders. She only picked up the lingual affectation by road tripping with this artistic snake-oil clan.


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