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Egos Nowhere

photo by Alanna McDaniel at Living Room on Sunset Blvd.

photo by Alanna McDaniel at Living Room on Sunset Blvd.

Ego is the cause of our success in endeavors and the source of our motivation to outdo the competition. Ego can offer a reason to “help” others and do “good”. We want to look good; we want to be righteous. When someone else succeeds instead of me and there’s an emotional reaction within me, that’s ego.

   We should pay close attention to our emotions when any of these things happen and we must face the harsh truth about our own ego. After a success or a righteous action, we must refocus our attention to something not about our self.

   But we have ego working us and lurking under our movements just like everybody else does. Just like everybody else, our ego gets us to our goals, yes, but ego is deceptive and ego distorts harmony as if it’s the only. Ego is not our friend. Ego is the only friend a self has: ego is selfishness itself.

Ego is the source of the anger that makes us lash out at others. Ego is defensive. The ego fights to defend itself at all times.

To say that someone has a “big ego” is a misinterpretation of the word. We should say he has a “damaged ego” or an “imperfect ego”. But don’t we all?

   “Honesty without compassion is brutality” -unknown

Since defeat is the only thing ego cannot handle, I kind of think we should invite our ego to be defeated as a kind of training. Maybe then it will start to behave and we can enjoy successes together.


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