Advice For The Young in Art

burger I illustrated in design sollege

It’s like spiritual. If we grasp so tightly to the idea of dollar amounts for our art and business this and business that, the art–it goes away.. it no longer carries the aura of art.

The most blessed ones, the gifted ones, the perfrectly at ease ones.. the ones that end up in the history books, they’re able to control their desires to make money and forget about it and just make FUCKING ART! It’s art! make art!

Don’t be a lost art baby, swimming around after a few canvases going “where’s the money? Why am I not making money? Why does no one see my genius?” Just fucking paint. Just fucking shoot. Treat them like materials, since this is a material world, and make them stand–out items of material. Make them into stunning presentations of “things” and then, just maybe THEN, someone will pay attention to your things. But until then, you’re just another monkey smearing paint in a sea of millions of paint smearing monkeys.

Don’t take it for granted what the professionals have done with their time. They’ve studied art history and they’ve studied the art market and they know what’s happening. They’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. They understand their niche.

Keep your head about you. Stay objective.

Remember: there’s art for art’s sake, the kind of art that is NOT “sell out” and then there’s art for the sake of something else. If that something else is $$$$.. well, sorry, that’s just not fucking interesting, but if that something else that your art is in the service of, make it something beautiful. Art in the name of community, or art in the name of peace. Make art for the sake of humanity but MEAN IT! Art can serve whatever end you’d like it to.


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