“NadaDada, how the HELL did you guys get New York Times coverage!??!”

I’d like to tell that story right here, right now. But in case you don’t have time to read all of this the two word thesis of this essay:



This was early spring of 2009. I got an email or three and then a phone call from the reporter, Patty Leigh Brown, saying “I want to come to Reno to be a fly on the wall during NadaDada.” I was silently jumping up and down. She had explained to me that she saw the announcement for “Greetings From NadaDada” in Via magazine (the magazine for travel club AAA). Ann Tracy was the artist/publicist that got us listed there. It was the first year I curated this show in Vegas’ Marjorie Barrick Museum on the UNLV campus. I had been curator/preparator for the Nevada Arts Council’s traveling shows and built a relationship with the museum’s director Aurora Giget in that way. She had invited NadaDada to show there.

Through these turns of event, Patty learned that we’d be showing art in rundown hotel rooms of the historic El Cortez in Reno, which she was familiar with and anxious to write about (the hotel). It was all turned over to freelance publicist, Rachel Kingham at that point, whom I’d met on Twitter and whose drive had impressed me. She is 100% professional and presented Patty and her photographer Jim Wilson with a perfect tour of every room of our hotel (El Cortez) and motel (Townhouse) show that year. Rachel upped our ante by really making NadaDada look organized. (We fooled ’em didn’t we Rach!?!) Rachel went to get hired doing publicity for the Nevada Museum of Art, so her gamble to help our cause worked out well.

As NadaDadans, we ALL got what we wanted, you see. The reporter was interested in writing about a hotel that was once special where Frank Sinatra and Marilynn Monroe had stayed, but was now roach infested with cigarette burns but with artists creating. We brought them to it. It was the talk value that got us that attention. Patty and Jim were able to tell a good national interest little story. It was just the kind of artists-bring-attention-to-Reno’s-unique-history anecdotal display that was needed.

This is about objectively looking at what we have to work with. This is why we’re not interested in being just another craft fair or arts festival. Soon the stories will be talking about how we built a national network of artists showing in motels WITHOUT any board of directors needed.

Here’s the article, please share:

Otherwise, the one place to go for all information regarding locations and times for this year’s art show:
http://www.nadadadamotel.weebly.com or click the following spaceman for hyperspace online di-rect connection to the map and schedule page.



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