NadaDada–We’re So Un-Punk!

Years ago, our gallery Blue Lyon hosted a show called “We’re So Punk” which, open for interpretation, was–in my mind–mostly a sarcastic title, making fun of all the posers tryin’ so hard to defy.

NadaDada has had its share of that ilk–so eager to be left of left bank and outside of outsiders, “art for art’s sake” & all of that. We’ve gotten ourselves un-invited to a few venues. A bit of a rowdy reputation has chained itself to our collective neck in years past. But that brings up a strong point: we’ve never been a collective. We quit taking votes on anything back in ’09 when we decided 3rd weekend of June henceforth. So besides a bunch of independent artists, what are we?

Our Noble Instigator, El Jefe, instilled in us the lasting mindset of a group presenting workable anarchy. This is sexy and this is note worthy but is this the truth? They ask. C’mon, no hierarchy? No leadership? I hear their tone. Well that’s the thing: leadership can belong to the many and that’s what we had always encouraged. Let’s all lead.

As you may know I, myself, have logged more man hours than anyone else to keep this party goin’ year after year and I’ve had to fight off the punks goin’ “Sorg, you’re not the boss, maaaan! This is ‘sposta’ be Anarchy!”

Way back when, I had curated a Dada Motel show in a Vegas museum and I was strict. One observer said “That’s not Dada–more like Nada!” The name(s) stuck. Dada Motel became Nada Motel which became NadaDada Motel.

Keeping myself in this central position has garnered me more press than anyone because the media wants to talk to the guy in the middle of it all. So for my time, I’ve been paid in publicity. Last year I didn’t really help organize or publicize and for once I had the money and energy to actually get a room of my own. Not sure about this year. I’m not really complaining… much.

Folks, I gotta’ tell ya’, I just want a good party. I care deeply about art and I care extensively about community. Truly non-hierarchical efforts must proliferate at the hands of many and to the benefit of many. NadaDada is about art-in-motel rooms, but alas, Wildflower is full and Midtown doesn’t seem to have any more willing weeklies at our disposal. 8 rooms at the Best Bet just might be our only bet in Midtown, but those rooms are already filled too. I might end up getting a room in an “un-sanctioned” motel.. not even mention NadaDada to the management.

But friends, here’s the great news: All the merchants want NadaDada in Midtown. Here’s my proposal to you…. you wanna’ show your art for NadaDada this June, you march your ass down to Midtown Reno and you talk to some locations yourself. Work it out with a shop owner and see if they’ll let you hang art or present your performance on their premises during our event June 13 thru 16, 2013.

We’re bringing them attention. We’re bringing them potential business; why would they say no? Go get yourself some attention! We’re not punks, this is a different kind of anarchy.

The one place to go for all information regarding locations and times for this year’s art show: or click the following spaceman for hyperspace online di-rect connection to the map and schedule page.



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