An Artist’s Bodhisattva

Image created by Trelaine
Sorghisattva image created by Trelaine

Point taken: If I like NadaDada as a leaderless entity, I should step back and make it clear that I’m just another among the ranks–it’s a Tao thang. Well, that is what I am, just another artist. It’s just that I have trouble not being a connector. I suppose I think of myself as an artist’s bodhisattva. Note to self: write that one down–in fact, it’s not a bad title for this essay…

I’m told that I should just get a room and promote what I’m doing. It’s the same for all of us. My secret weapon? I have a blog–yeah, it’s the one you’re reading right now.

So maybe I’ve already told you but I’m writing a book. It’s well underway and each month it gets better. I’m becoming a better writer. I’ve even put painting on hold to a certain extent. All my concentration has gone to the writing of this book. At this point, though, I need some help. It’s great when I can read from it to someone. My girlfriend is getting sick of the job.

For NadaDada this year, I’m going to be doing some readings. I’ll ask if I can read to them and then I will read a passage and then thank them profusely. Hopefully they’ll have some kind of reaction I’ll be able to gauge from.

I’ve always tried to apply the wisdom that each job should be regarded as an education. Each art show should be treated in this way as well. Like Saturday Night Live, NadaDada is not yet ready for prime time. If the art I show is unfinished, what’s wrong with that? The rule book never said we can’t use NadaDada for our own selfish needs.

I need an audience to help me edit this book. I think it’s going to be titled “The Never Ending Fishbowler Excursion”. Maybe someone will talk me out of that title. I dunno. Maybe it will have a chapter called “An Artist’s Bodhisattva“. I dunno.

NadaDada is June 13th thru 16th, 2013 in various motels around Reno.


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