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A Few Pigeons -NadaDada2013 Post #3

A few pigeons mill around, lookin’ to bum some cigarettes or a quarter. Pigeons are everywhere though, not just motels. I’m on the sidewalk in front of my Andy portrait outside my room at the Townhouse and I’ve had a few visitors this morning. A real straight guy that wanted to talk about art–he was on foot. Mark. Nice guy. And some burners. Burners are everywhere though too, not just motels.

The motel folk are always diverse and interesting. I heard once you can tell a guy has been in prison by the way he holds his shoulders. I never connected with that statement, I’ve been in jail before, but just now the  image was nailed down for me.

A guy walked by, quickly, B line right straight to the stairway. His hunch over his belongings is what clicked it for me. Instead of his soap, his towel and toothbrush/deoderant, he coveted a bottle of water and cigs and his iPod. Arms, faded, big and were covered in tats. He doesn’t give a shit about art, he doesn’t care about your laptop or getting in your face. He kept his bottom lip in a way that said look I’m straightening my life out, yeah I’m in this ratty motel but I got a job washin’ dishes and life is good.

These are motels and people live in these places because their choices in life are not plentiful. There are freedoms in motels.

A guy liked my Andy painting. I gave him a cig. We talked about the pigeons.


Sorg Doorway Molezzo photo (7) Andy Portrait

All images by John Molezzo.

During NadaDada an artist will be an artist. Room 122 Townhouse Motorlodge all weekend long.

Otherwise, the one place to go for all information regarding locations and times for this year’s art show: or click the following spaceman for hyperspace online di-rect connection to the map and schedule page.


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6 responses to “A Few Pigeons -NadaDada2013 Post #3

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  3. Erik Holland 06/17/2013 at 7:34 am

    Chad, these are great. Hey, I’m going to have a show at Java Jungle……nothing but pen and ink! maybe we shld include your writings what do you think?

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