A Giant Tree It Was

So the tree was already cut down. We don’t do that part but the wood left behind was a massive stack.. Right now it’s only a big pile. At the moment we’re driving back to Reno with the third load. Anybody got a bigger chain saw? Ours is only a twenty incher and the tree is over forty inches across.

This WAS the biggest tree on the block; I measured. Counting the rings I estimate it was 300 years old. This fir tree has seen alot of change in its time overlooking Lake Tahoe. If we were Native American I suppose we would have dropped the chainsaw for a minute to say a prayer of thanks to this wise old tree for providing us with energy. The carcass will all be burnt away by the end of the winter but alot of people will have stayed warm because of it.

Did you realize scientists tell us that all the water that was ever on our planet is still here? When a hundred pounds of wood is burnt I believe they say 100 pounds of carbon stays here. It doesn’t go away but simply changes form. To my human eyes this is hard to believe. I still can’t believe it. I know it but I can’t believe it.

I wanted to talk about spiritual stuff in this post. Maybe I did.


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