Constitution of the United States of America

Hank Williams Jr. is on the stereo now. Not one of my favorites. I much prefer his son and even his dad Hank the First–either one is great compared to Bocephus. A country boy can survive. A good ol’ boy from Oregon, Tony, is our leader behind the wheel and a black guy, Paulie, is riding shotgun as I type this from the back seat of the truck on our final mission to pick up the last loads of this big wood. The Dixie tunes though, it makes me wonder what’s going through the black dude’s head right now. Alot of hurt feelings still linger over race relations. Those are some feelings I cannot relate to. Maybe if I were Irish I might have a slight clue; or Jewish.

The three of us are driving along the Western edge of Lake Tahoe and the morning sun’s reflection across the water is post card worthy. The water is perfectly still and a few boats sit out there waiting for some recreation time. We make comments and jokes about the assholes who can afford real estate up here.

Before typing and before Bocephus got loud I was reading this book on the proceedings during the Constitutional Convention. It’s called Plain Honest Men. It was 1787 and about half the men participating in the convention were economically dependent upon slave labor–even George Washington. Two and a half centuries later we have a black President. This sequester thing going on between Congress and the President–wow–what pivotal times we’re living in. Only in America.


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  1. Hey Fishbowler,
    Along the same lines,, You see it on here all the time, big important Q about religion, but the structure of the sentences are grammatically messed up. Its like they don’t know really how to talk all that good. What, is proper word structure some hated satanist/atheist thing? English good is passe now?Sounds like they can’t even talk it seems let alone type it. And baby word crap aplenty.

    Fear that fancy reading leads on to become commie?
    Scatterbrains syndrome?
    Being “On fire for God” got in the way?
    Post-literate Murica?
    Lonnie Gibson

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