Another Short Post About Trees But Not

Since living in these desert cities I’ve developed an admiration of trees that I never had back in the Midwest–not so prevalently anyway. I’m 40 now so my age has alot to do with it. My preferences lean more toward serene acceptance these days compared to the four wheel drive conquests and midnight teenage rocket missions atop my motorcycle. The hard rock and gangsta rap arpeggios carried my youthful and angry energy toward the unquenchable sublime.

We’re at my girlfriend’s mom’s place right now. She lives in this gorgeous old apartment complex amongst these stunning and majestic wooden elders of oak, maple and poplar. They’ve been manicured daily over the years and their posture is statuesque. Upon arrival I walked up to a tree to gaze at the dappled sunlight cast down through the leaves to my cheeks. I could paint this moment.

And about the serenity of society, I feel that we could all learn alot by slowing down to accept the purity of joys like these natural ones more often. We don’t need anything at all. It’s all right here.


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