Art & Business, Not Jekyll & Hyde


Art has always been my way of relating within this world. I know that not everyone has a perspective such as mine–not everyone is an artist–but I think they’re really missing out to not know what art is all about and to not be able to appreciate the path that the collective art world has explored.

To think one’s self so practical and to desire only material possession, I feel compassion for those living in such emptiness. It’s not surprising the world is so misaligned with so many pursuing these outcomes and it has been hard not to be judgmental. Things, I thought, just more and more things. Look at atoms; things are mostly not there. Things are emptiness: an illusion.

This is how I’ve always thought and this is the basis for a certain kind of arrogance that could have consumed me. But as an artist, I’ve always dealt with created objects that are sold for money so how can this harmonize with my non-material philosophy?

These are the very ideas that have borne out a lineage of performance art. There’s a century worth of performances that justify absurd rejection of materiality–you might say a moral position. But I am into synthesis. How might we come to a meeting point? Business and art.

I had a great realization while at my patron’s house once. He’s bought many pieces from me and has been supportive. I was at his house lusting after his yellow Ferrari parked next to his pearl white Porsche and big chrome Harley. I felt jealousy well up while surveying his pool and I turned to admire the perfect brick driveway and it was just then that my typical artist brain finally gave way. I realized this is his art. Making money and feeling important and creating his own luxurious environment was his form of expression in life. He created jobs and homes for alot of people. This was how he rewarded himself. I finally felt a deeper connection with this man. I was finally able to recognize myself in him.

This was spiritual.


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