I make art in strange places and blog about it.

The International Car Forest of the Last Church

Here’s a story by one Nick Rattigan. I like it.

Nicholas Rattigan tells you

At the edge of Goldfield, a small town in the middle of Nevada, multiple cars, buses, vans, and limos are buried vertically in the desert as if they are growing out of the ground.

This structure is called “The International Car Forest of the Last Church” and the only name that I could find attached to it was Chad Sorg, founder of NadaDada and current resident of Goldfield. I contacted Sorg and agreed to meet him in Goldfield to see the car forest.

In the days leading up to my trip I received multiple concerns from my friends and family to call them up one I had arrived and, more importantly, left Goldfield. My dad would slip into casual conversation, “You have to watch out for those artists … I don’t want you being stuck in a basement somewhere.” Being an artist who lives in a basement myself, I could…

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