Are The Wealthy Out Of Touch With Reality?

“Out of touch with reality” is an interesting turn of phrase. I guess it makes perfect literal sense: reality is what’s real and you can touch real. Simple, right?

We were talking on Effbook the other day about wealth inequality (maybe every day to be more exact). This phrase could be used regarding that subject. People have become so rich that they might become insular and generally ignorant to the concerns of the rest of us. Could they possibly understand what it feels like to not be able to afford the gas to make a trip across town?

But I ask, why SHOULD they care about anyone else? They made that money, we didn’t.

It’s a process to become more insular. With their net worth growing by the minute, this person of the elite becomes more adept at rejecting those who’d want the money that he has. It’s an obvious philosophy to believe that wealthy people should be expected to be charitable and in fact, most of them are, at least to an extent. Everybody and their brother comes to this wealthy man asking for handouts. He gets used to saying no and deflecting their advances, even if sometimes he does say yes.

How could someone in his position ever get close to anyone who, themselves, are not wealthy? It must get really tiring to have to say no to so many people. After a while I suppose a person starts embracing selfishness as a defense system.

We can all understand the problem of the spoiled kid who has been given everything. His training in life has resulted in a kind of passive acceptance. He doesn’t have to work for anything yet he’s still better off than his peers struggling. He doesn’t actively earn anything because his comforts emanate from his natural birth right. This is his reality.

The self made individual tells himself that he owes nobody. He avoids connection with anyone who might want from him. He avoids unpleasantness (as is human nature to do) and consequently starts creating a brick wall made from the grains of his ego. This is war and he will not sustain losses. This is his reality.

He IS special–he’s wealthy. He’s not out of touch with his reality, he’s out of touch with our reality.

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