Are We All Out of Touch With Reality?

Looking out from this desert of poor lost capitalists, here’s my attempt at trying to find the way. For too long we’ve all huddled in our cabanas on Jersey shores sipping on oblivious daiquiris. Did we enroll in complacency training and forget we attended the course? My culture believes very pointedly in constant broadcast of uninformed opinion so my talking points about politics and wealth are justified I’d say–and besides, I do know people. People are a subject I know.

Who are these wealth mongers and the class war baiters? Where exactly is the destructive center of our multinational suicide machine? and why am I calling it “ours”? What about this dastardliness is “ours”? This high ticket trash can belongs to the human race, yes, but why am I claiming it for “us”?

If any of this talk sounds pessimistic, that’s because it is–but I’m not mad. I’m not even worried. The higher goal here is for seeing the caviar refined piranhas as belonging to the same genus pool as the rest of us. That’s all. In plainly honest terms it’s because I want their money. I want the backing of their lawyers and I want their guns. Yes, this is a Warren Zevon song. For these philistines I take the blame; I am them, only nicer.

Some would insist that at night their stark green slivered eyes shine out over forked tongues and with matching scales for skin. I don’t know where you stand on these proposals but it’s divisive. Designed divisiveness. David Icke and his ilk would have the masses believe that the Bilderbergs and Rothschilds are secretly an unrecognizable race at odds with our own human race. I’m telling you seriously, if you didn’t already know, people believe this shit and they are what most would label as “rightwing”.

Now Democrat party congregations would have us thinking that evil avarice only belongs to the selfish and immoral Republican set. It’s hard to get along when you make it a point to not understand your enemy. Did anyone notice both camps actually have the same enemy?

In this senseless Zuckerberg fueled nightmare, to the right of me are the wingnuts bent on old world mythological archetypes engaged in endless apocalyptic war. To the left of me are the moralizing nuevo-Socialists calling for overtime in the mass production of “Class War!” picket signs.

It saddens me to see that none of them are realizing it’s just a style war. And all the while the CEOs are decked out in their attorney-lined armani jackets, showing up at congressional hearing after hearing, reaping 74% raises for their devotion.

Where did reality go in all of this?

There is anger and there is disgust running these circuses of emotion, but in the scheme most practical, every member of the oppressed class has got to remember that magic is not at play. The capitalist masters are only human. They have greed like the rest of us–only more so–resultant from their hierarchical breeding. This key point will lead us all back to the difficult task of objective harmony.

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