A Thought Experiment On The Subject of Race And Religion

Slavery has been abolished not just in the US but in every society of the world. It simply does not exist in an institutionally sanctioned way as it once did in every corner of the world.

Does racism exist? Assuming you’re not Arab yourself, think objectively about what might go through someone’s mind upon encountering a person who does appear to be Arab. Yes, racism does exist. That’s personal. It’s not good but it’s a personal belief or prejudice based on ignorant assumptions and those do certainly exist.

Now in terms of laws, we’d like to eradicate the existence of any unfair treatment. This philosophy is the very core of the Democratic process.

Here’s my question: why has Arab racism been subtly sanctioned here in the decade leading up to this moment? If your answer alludes to something like “Because Arabs are violent” then for the purpose of this thought experiment, think to yourself right now of a young black man with pants hanging around his knees. Ask yourself: Do I believe people who belong to this grouping of society are more violent and prone to crime? If your answer is “Yes, because statistics show that the population of prisons are filled overwhelmingly by blacks”, then ask why this is true? Is it due to racial injustice in the police and judicial system? Or is it due to the generalized political reality that this racial group deals with which is poverty?

Are the elite concerned with keeping any ethnic group or religious group oppressed? Why would ethnicity be their concern? Think about it. Is any of this about race? Have any religious beliefs been eliminated or promoted in our Capitalistic society? Only Socialism believes in the elimination of religion.

What the elite will do is continue to profit off of racial and religious prejudices and our respective sense of belonging. These are based on personal beliefs and emotions.

This is the commodification of cultural bias. Now, we should deeply consider the reality of our own beliefs about the Democrats and Republicans.


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