I make art in strange places and blog about it.

I Choose Optomism

Those perpetually positive people…

I used to despise them (this was a long time ago). I thought someone like that displays NO objective opinion–their credibility went out the window for me, but then I started noticing how calm they remain and how little irritation they involve themselves in. I dug a little further and I found what they were into was children and gardens and making shit and general peace.

Well shit, who could argue with PEACE?

And so, I want to let you know what I finally found out–what I finally realized–and that was that sharing the NEGATIVE is not objectivity. It’s only sharing negativity.

What does a negative slant accomplish? Is a recurrently negative outlook helpful in attaining creative goals? Does negativity fix anything at all? Isn’t negativity just another word for fear?

You’ll always see pessimists calling themselves “realists” while failing to see optimism as the counterpart to their own equally ‘unrealistic’ perspective. Neither one relates to “realism”. It’s like choosing which pair of sunglasses to wear.

So I came to see, finally, that optimism creates change and does not follow it. So I choose optomism.


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