Divination Shows (a poem)

Divination shows me

my spirituality


is outside the box

and looking in.

These duties

I’m about to perform

on an audience abroad

mixed origin, mixed cause

It’s mankind in the end

with healing properties

but lost from within

How do these oppositions arise?

Complex investigation

gets stumped & stifled

by Socratic division

As if by design

2 sides to every story

We train our young

in the ways of

good & evil

God & Devil

The Yin Yang logo

Perpetuation of

 a countering notion

of this versus that

you’re with us or against us

There is no middle ground


is never come to


It’s war at all times

brother against brother

because we must stand

up for what we believe in

and we must fight

or we must self deceive then.


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