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El Cortez

This is damn interesting. The famed and iconic El Cortez, which gave NadaDada its first host location for our show.. is being sold. I’m featured on the page here! hahaha. (that’s the funny part)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen Steve Siegel was interviewed after his purchase of the Truckee River Lane Building, he stated that it would not be his last Reno purchase.  He went on to buy the Virginian Hotel Casino, and was at least in negotiations on the Nugget Courtyard Motel adjacent to the Nugget in Sparks.  Is the HISTORIC El Cortez Hotel on 2nd Street his next target?  My sources say yes.

The El Cortez is one of my favorite buildings in Reno.  The marquee along 2nd Street definitely has to go, but the Art Deco detailing is amazingly intact and some of it is visible in the Noble Pie space.  I don’t know how much of the old Trocadero Night club is still intact, but it was THE place to be in the day. (cool view of the lobby HERE)

elcortez trocadero

More recently, the El Cortez has been the centerpiece of the NadaDada artist’s…

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