Painting To Show

I’m a painter, an artist. With painting I can share something spectacular and beyond all cynicism. I think wanting to make something that stirs emotion in people, making them proud to be human is an achievement. We are a complex animal. I want to inspire a feeling of giving thanks. Getting beyond cynicism we might agree that it’s great to be alive.

I’ve worked on this one single skill selfishly my whole life and in doing this for me I hope to accomplished something for everyone. To be a painter is to say “I’ve changed. Once again, I’ve changed. Nothing stays the same. We can evolve.”

Inducing inspiration is a technique for me, not magic. Listening to my heart is important and that is the technique–planning for the impulsive. I’m lucky to have enough freedom in my life to allow for that flowing.

I’ve been painting alot these days. It’s been a fairly non-stop train. It works when I look at it as just a job–my 9 to 5. Even when I paint until 2 AM, it’s just a job and I’m devoted to it. The ironic thing is that raw inspiration is best when balanced by years of discipline.

I have a solo show coming up so that drives me. In my mind’s eye I’m envisioning the exhibition space constantly. The big picture helps me with each small picture. How will it ‘feel’ to be at this art show? I’m creating an environment.

Last night I finished two skulls painted with expressionistic color. They are mostly blue and peach with some red. I’m aware that I must move away from brain and closer to the heart (but not the Rush song). What makes me feel? This is the important question in any art. The abstracts feel much different than the realistic portraits.

For me, as a thinker, it feels like a big challenge to focus on ‘feeling’ instead of ‘thinking’ but maybe that’s just me psyching myself out. I was thinking of calling my art show “I’ve Been Busy” but now I’m thinking “What’s Wrong With Beautiful?”

Skull Painting Number 1

Skull Painting Number 1

Studio, Oct. 2015
Picasso in Studio, Oct. 2015
Working Abstract
Working Abstract
Studio, Oct. 2015
Studio, Oct. 2015
Studio, Oct. 2015
Studio, Oct. 2015

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