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Small Talk, My Solo Exhibition, Dec. 17th, Potentialist Gallery, Reno

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.47.42 PMScenic vistas, sunny abstracts, famous faces, and detailed figures in meditation inhabit Chad Sorg’s paintings, ranging from the very real to the entirely abstract. Gratitude with reverence for the luxury of life is the subject of Sorg’s art.

The twenty five paintings in this show are not political–this ain’t Facebook–and they’re not about idealism in any way such as it is with much contemporary art. Art should raise vibrations in its viewers and Sorg’s motive for Small Talk is just that simple–to raise the vibes.

There’s no substitute for experience. Talking about the sunset never properly conveyed the experience. Sorg’s challenge is to generate experience.

These are paintings to look at, what Marcel Duchamp called ocular art–devoid of clever intellectual concepts. This work is about living small, not trying to be important, just painting a little better each day.

Portraits and landscapes elicit judgment. If it’s wrong it’s pretty clear. The car forest paintings recall another time in Sorg’s life and the abstracts are beyond intellect, summoning only a fleeting moment of emotion through color relation. Sorg skill matures.

Journalism is a matter of relaying an experience, leaving a record, but viewing a painting should be the experience in and of itself. There’s information and then there’s experience. A painting functions, ultimately, as an experience. It’s not a record, it’s an experience.

What’s beyond speech? Art. Small talk is about seeing what’s beyond the words. If he can get them to look, then good. Sorg feels honored to see individuals standing silently in front of his paintings. It’s a sweet way to connect with others.


3 responses to “Small Talk, My Solo Exhibition, Dec. 17th, Potentialist Gallery, Reno

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  2. Woody Barlettani 11/12/2015 at 9:28 pm

    Holy Mostaccioli ! …too cool

  3. erik holland 11/13/2015 at 9:02 am

    Nice!   see you there!

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