NadaDada: We Keep You on Your Toes

As if to say “we keep you on your toes”, NadaDada comes together through concerted efforts and often at the last minute. It’s not the usual undertaking, scheduling a date with artists in motel rooms. Those motels, they seem to like the life we bring so we keep going. This is our 10th year.

At this point reservations are being taken:

The Morris

The Wildflower

(call them now.)

TownHouse management says they’ll have 5, maybe 10 rooms. They have “down” rooms, meaning they’re unfinished and I told him some of us like that, as artists (more freedom). That’s Terry and Farrah, the manager family of the 3 motels, Town House, El Ray and Keno 1 up Arlington, across from the Sands. Town House has always hosted our DadaMayor’s balcony speech and last year the courtyard there hosted our garden party during June’s event.

The Sands said no. They don’t want to deal with an event in rooms. It’s ok.

El Cortez also said no today. They just can’t do it right now, renovating for apartments and also full anyway.

It’s a game of timing. We’re up against monthlies and weeklies at these motels.

7/11 motel may be a possibility. They’re very close to Town House  a block down on 2nd St. I stopped in there today and spoke with someone who’s not the manager but I’m to go back down there again soon.

Colonial Apartments is to the East of the El Cortez at West St. They say no way José, even though my name is Chad. It’s ok.

Star Dust Lodge is a really cool place, blue, 2 story U shaped layout with a pool. Up Arlington on the north side of 4th St.

Seasons Inn is 3 stories with parking spaces under rooms which is managed by a guy named Todd who’s a photographer. He said he’d talk with owner who also owns other properties such as the Reno Royal a black away, across from the City Center. They’ve showed interest before. Let’s see about these.

City Center is being pursued by an artist or two of ours. They’ve changed owners there but were happy to host us 2 years ago before the management switch over. We’re good promotion for these places. That’s on West. St. a block East from Arlington.

Bonanza Inn is a 5 story tower of motel rooms at the 200 block of W. 4th St. She remembers us inquiring with them back around the beginning years but seemed reluctant. Nice old lady, hard of hearing.

Here was our meeting the other night at Potentialist Workshop. It’s part 1 of 2. It helps with understanding the dark underbelly of how NadaDada thrives and for 10 years now.

Thanks for reading today’s notes and please join us March 9th @7pm, Potentialist Workshop for a meeting in the round. It’s in the gallery so you’ll be surrounded by our current art show which is Tanya Marquez and Bryce Chisholm which is awe-some, awe inspiring. Let’s talk about ideas and motels & stuff.


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