I make art in strange places and blog about it.

The Potential

Artists are against all odds, that’s what we’re up against, all odds. It’s easy to be distracted but dedication is what an artist might represent to someone who appreciates drive. Staying on task over the course of decades is an activity that does not go unnoticed. This is the pursuit of an artist’s profession. We hear stories of the art heroes who pop onto the scene as if from nowhere but these successes are the exception, the rarity. To do the job well is the only standard one needs from himself and the truth always comes out. In other words a flash in the pan is not sustainable but a good artist will never die.

If we’re not pure performance artists, we’re still just making stuff. We all gotta’ have a job. It just might be that it’s an alternative currency that we use. We cross borders every time we make art because it’s a piece that is about something. It is representative of other things or thoughts, emotions, evocations, whatever. It is me expressing views, wishes, desires and concerns. I’m manipulating but it’s more than that. The special sauce is in the trying. The challenge itself is the trying. We become more of whatever we are through trying. The output of art might result in either an opening up or a closing in and any variety of subject matter but when a person goes for it fully, that is the art. The material piece of stuff that comes out is a residue from effort.

A boddhisatva is one who delays her own enlightenment for the sake of others. What I like here is that the fact of enlightenment happening is not of issue. The boddhisatva’s goal is in inspiring that potential in others. Potential becomes the object of focus because it is the one thing in a person that can be manipulated although not without one’s own consent. We cultivate from what is available in our own potential. The becoming is already there, we just bring it out.


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