NadaDada -Inspire The Self

Someone who needs no help inspires no assistants. We hope to shine as examples of how we can help our selves as artists co-succeeding. We’re all moving in the same direction wherever we’re at. But how are we helping others by helping ourselves?

We’re all in the same boat.  But maybe the lesson is in seeing how we might hurt ourselves if we were to close down and isolate. Our art has nothing to do with how we deal with others. The art is independent but hopefully the artist appreciates interdependence.

I observe events and projects–group movements–and the most unfortunate aspect is when there is a lack of selflessness on the part of organizers and participants. With each looking at the other to provide. Consequently alot of energy gets wasted and unused. Responsibility can be pushed onto the shoulders of others instead of the self. Autonomy becomes non-existent. From multiple perspectives, this is counter-productive.

There are too many that don’t know how to help others. Consequently they hurt themselves that way.

We could talk about charity but that’s not quite it. To my mind, being selfless is a tall order to ask of others and it’s not really a correct request to be made.

It is an internal attitude to work toward selflessness. It’s a personal endeavor for someone but the value of selflessness doesn’t mix well with a corporate-minded American trying to scratch out a living. So we have this challenge. In NadaDada we want each other to succeed because there’s always overflow and intermingling and the better someone in our event does, the better our event does.

Is it a proper sales pitch to say we’re bringing you culture? Dwelling on who it is that benefits most will bring us to the realization that this is a win/win from most any direction. We’re hurting no one. We’re only helping by bringing money and thought to the public in motel rooms. The inspirers inspire.

NadaDada needs your help and I need your assistance. Talk about this show. We have 16 articles in Reno News and Review and the New York Times wrote about us on 6/22/96. 10 years ago NadaDada was birthed by 6 artists and now we’re 300 strong. We’ve had two museum exhibitions and shown individually in multiple countries.

Get motels on board for hosting us. Walk in and tell them the good news you have memorized of NadaDada. Get your foot in the door and show them that artists bring good publicity.

Check out time is 11.

Here’s our event page for tonight (Wednesday’s) get together, NadaNite. We talk.

See you tonight?

But in the mean time, this meeting went quick. It was our first. See how quick?

Warning: The following two vids are the full meeting that took place on Feb. 24th. It’s not the best quality but there’s alot of discussion in there if you need to see what we’re about.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.27.46 PM


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