The Rain Sheen and the Heartmind

The rain sheen across the street causes an emotion in me. Something about nostalgia, scenes in movies, hopefully it’s not nostalgic thoughts of movies. Either way this is what I experience crossing the street by the 7-11, these thoughts about an emotion. The heart, the mind, but the heartmind?

If logic is the height of the human mind is it the best we can do with our brains? If one’s logic should be exercised & challenged continually, the grasp of logic gets better, right? Illogic is combatted by a good sense of logic through practice.

But non-logic, now that’s something else. Outside of logic. We could call that feeling.

Logic and Feeling are two aspects of a balanced self. The heartmind.

These aspects of life, the thoughts and the feelings, we might see them in duality, a polarity perhaps as they need eachother, but I wonder if I can gain more by accepting that feeling on the rainy street’s crosswalk without a logical soundtrack of analysis.


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