Writing on a Rainy Day

At Broadway and Jefferson a brick wall the height of my butt invites me to sit and write. Dark blue sky to the east, south east provides backdrop for a bright blue building trimmed in peach yellow. It’s a mechanic shop across the street. I’ve felt the slight sprinkles all day & the wind makes me wonder if dark skies are not coming this way. The other direction is more usual but I like the color anyway. Five minutes later I see the darkness is coming this way. I’m on foot. This might get exciting. The dark blue has turned to gray. Starbucks is my destination, I have a gift certificate and a sweet tooth.

But this weather doesn’t work very well for a window cleaner, nope. I guess that’s why I’ve got art to balance it. Motivation is the finest art. I did a window for free today. Bird crap. Seemed like something good for my motivation as I was feeling kind of useless. Besides, the window is one at the gallery i’m currently pursuing. Buttering them up? Sure, wish me luck. I’m sure the move isn’t hurting my chances.

At this moment it’s pouring out there but I need to go home and paint some canvases. I don’t want to get soaked. It looks like I’m going to get soaked. This was the plan. To let go of control. Here I go.


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