Small Towning

I always notice the hand painted sign marking the house with farm fresh eggs for sale on country road 109. One of his neighbors sells carports. Rolling hills across the landscape don’t stop for the asphalt and the speed limit was 55 between the green golf course and green striped corn fields. I had a window job at a lake house and people had their fishing boats out just off the shore. It’s sunny and perfect today and the cars were spaced evenly with 100 yards between each. My day was over, my work day, at lunch time and I didn’t feel like driving fast.Columbia City should be very proud of its courthouse. Round spires rise from the four corners and the style is reminiscent of the Swiss or some such culture. The town is getting ready for a street fair but today is Wednesday and the booths are all sitting ready to go but the streets are empty. I stopped off at a sports bar for some chicken wings. Small-town America is alive. I got a box of new paints so tonight is another art making night for me. Window cleaning funds my habit.

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  1. OH my gosh! I love those big farm vehicles. I was just talking with someone who works for a company that sells them. I was trying to get a in on test riding one but it is not that easy. I want to drive over a long line of cars with one so so bad! Bucket list!

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