Inspiration Patronage

In a confined space, alienated, yet on display I’m seeing what it means to practice creativity – be an artist. Why do it and where does it come from? Individuation is the subject matter. What makes me me?The oneness we all hear so much about is really about becoming myself, fully. I don’t need to compromise by becoming a merger or a union. I am multifaceted and there are many parts to me but I am one and you are one and in this way we are one. We are not each halves or partials, we are each complete as we work to attain our completion. In this, together, we are complete.

To say I am you makes no sense, but rather: you are me. You are me and he is me, those are me, and she is me. This is me. We all live in the fishbowl, we all live in a yellow submarine. We’re looking for the singularity and here it is: I. To thine own self be true. This way to another man you’ll never be false. Shakespeare.

It is a patronage that I’m looking for. For centuries art has proliferated by patronage. Everyone from Benjamin Franklin & Leonardo da Vinci to Nikola Tesla & Georgia Okeefe agree about the need for solitude in pursuing creative endeavors. Inspiration comes when the receptor nerves are open and unencumbered. The free mind is cultivated.

But art is not a charity. It is a mistake to think of the patronage system as a donation center and the patron as a donor. From this giving there is some getting. Inspiration is a radiance. It’s not a one-way conduit. It is a luminosity flowing outward from within all who are in its reach. Inspiration is a process of decentralization. The breath of life radiates from the light of creation.

This is how things get started. The beginning of everything comes from inspiration and from the sharing the effect is multiplied.


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