I’ve painted a close up portrait of Donald Trump on a large scale, 60 inches tall, and it’s been framed nicely and professionally in dark wood by my dad. I’m donating it to the republicans for re-election.

Some people are worth taking a long look at. President Trump pulls out emotion in the people today. He’s got them fired up because power is energy and Mr. Trump knows how power works. I love how he’s energizing the world. I thought he was a great subject to make so much larger than life.


Big time. It’s the biggest face I’ve ever done on canvas and he deserves it.


I didn’t paint our President in the usual “presidential style”and I wasn’t trying to be complimentary because who needs that kind of dishonest non-scrutiny? I think Donald Trump is happy in his own skin. For better or for worse, he knows who he is. He knows what he has to do.

We have a common sense president in the White House.

I was going for realism because he’s going for realism.

The shading is intense and serious is the mood.  He’s not Mr. nice guy. He’s tough. He’s rough. His expression is determined. I wanted the skin to be not too polished, instead heavily textured. The scale allowed for this frenetic mottling because it’s much larger than life and there was room to let my brush get harsh.

It’s hard to stand confident but I took a stand to paint this one. The resistance has made him stronger and us too. This president is not just talking, he’s doing. We can inspire people to work and succeed.

It’s been interesting to see the power a painting has gathered from the outside world. It inspires passionate reaction, this face on canvas. He’s more of an archetype. It’s not me and it really is interesting to see the Trump effect.

Wish me luck.

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