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Fishbowling started for me in 2007, in the days of MySpace but my social media start was really with Tribe, a lesser known network and for my first 2 Fishbowl outtings (Then called Artistfishbowl) I wasn’t incorporating social media interaction. Facebook was only 3 years old at the time, officially, but I didn’t go to Harvard. If you know me, you know that today I’m addicted to Fbook.

But I also do YouTube. I’m run a window cleaning business so you’ll see vids for that there but scroll down if you’d like to see footage from the fishbowl in years past.

my vids:

NadaSorg YouTube Page

5pm, January 21st through 5pm, January 26th, (central time zone) I’ll be fishbowling in Hyde Brothers Booksellers in Fort Wayne, IN., US. phone: 1 (260) 424-0197

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We (Still) Publicize

“Publicity gets a bad rap from those who would pretend that art is separate from business. For those of us who regard art as a profession, we publicize. We’re Western culture’s offspring, we’re capitalists and we publicize.

The passion can still be there in the creative making, the art is still art. I like the term “talk value” as it applies to public relations because it directly pins together what matters about talk: it can be of value…”

via We Publicize

To My Non-Liberal Friends

I’m a fan of Robert E Lee. He came from a family important to the foundation of the United States and before. In his own lifetime he saw the states grow into one nation which he was opposed to. He did not find value in the centralization of the government and like Thomas Jefferson whom his own family elder Richard Henry Lee confided in and colluded with, anti-federalism was a concept which agree with the idea of a loosely organized confederacy of states in which he believed. His nation was Virginia. 

How all encompassing should one government be? Does anyone today actually know what fascism means? We can observe nature to see that monoculture is not tenable. Cels or packets of life is how diversity is preserved and government should appeal to the same model of decentralization. Fascism stomps out free speech and variable viewpoints. 

Agree with them: fascism sucks. Long live these independent united states.

“The General Lee”

18″ x 24″

Oil on canvas

Chad Sorg


Inspiration Patronage

In a confined space, alienated, yet on display I’m seeing what it means to practice creativity – be an artist. Why do it and where does it come from? Individuation is the subject matter. What makes me me?The oneness we all hear so much about is really about becoming myself, fully. I don’t need to compromise by becoming a merger or a union. I am multifaceted and there are many parts to me but I am one and you are one and in this way we are one. We are not each halves or partials, we are each complete as we work to attain our completion. In this, together, we are complete.

To say I am you makes no sense, but rather: you are me. You are me and he is me, those are me, and she is me. This is me. We all live in the fishbowl, we all live in a yellow submarine. We’re looking for the singularity and here it is: I. To thine own self be true. This way to another man you’ll never be false. Shakespeare.

It is a patronage that I’m looking for. For centuries art has proliferated by patronage. Everyone from Benjamin Franklin & Leonardo da Vinci to Nikola Tesla & Georgia Okeefe agree about the need for solitude in pursuing creative endeavors. Inspiration comes when the receptor nerves are open and unencumbered. The free mind is cultivated.

But art is not a charity. It is a mistake to think of the patronage system as a donation center and the patron as a donor. From this giving there is some getting. Inspiration is a radiance. It’s not a one-way conduit. It is a luminosity flowing outward from within all who are in its reach. Inspiration is a process of decentralization. The breath of life radiates from the light of creation.

This is how things get started. The beginning of everything comes from inspiration and from the sharing the effect is multiplied.

Small Towning

I always notice the hand painted sign marking the house with farm fresh eggs for sale on country road 109. One of his neighbors sells carports. Rolling hills across the landscape don’t stop for the asphalt and the speed limit was 55 between the green golf course and green striped corn fields. I had a window job at a lake house and people had their fishing boats out just off the shore. It’s sunny and perfect today and the cars were spaced evenly with 100 yards between each. My day was over, my work day, at lunch time and I didn’t feel like driving fast.Columbia City should be very proud of its courthouse. Round spires rise from the four corners and the style is reminiscent of the Swiss or some such culture. The town is getting ready for a street fair but today is Wednesday and the booths are all sitting ready to go but the streets are empty. I stopped off at a sports bar for some chicken wings. Small-town America is alive. I got a box of new paints so tonight is another art making night for me. Window cleaning funds my habit.

Ayn Rand, a Hero of Mine

Ayn Rand pulls out the self-righteous irritation from the collectivists. While they pretend to be against capitalism and free market individualism they enjoy the gratification of self that this society provides. Cheap gas and mobile phones.The truth is always in the middle isn’t it? Giving up the self for the collective isn’t freedom and unrestricted selfishness leads to oppression. How can both views be true?

Rand’s book on social philosophy “The Virtue of Selfishness” prompted one journalists to ask her why she chose such a title and she replied “for the same reason that you reject it.”

As a writer and intellectual she knew how to turn heads – get attention – isn’t a title supposed to do that?

But as a reader my job is to read and comprehend beyond titles. Digest meaning. Rand was an atheist. I’m not an atheist, I’m agnostic – influenced most by Buddhist thought – but I also understand some points from the field of philosophy in regard to metaphysics called dualism versus monism.

There are two realities ultimately for a human, this material reality and then one beyond, the spiritual reality so to speak. That’s dualism but the different shades of monism say there’s only one reality. From within this monistic division of metaphysical thought there are two: The materialists and the idealists – there is only matter or there are only ideas.

I’d say that I’m the latter, a monistic idealist. One philosopher from history that discussed this line of inquiry was Berkeley. I contemporary physicist working in the field of biology – theory of evolutionary biology – is Dr. Amit Goswami. His theory is that we have evolved by way of desire: how we want to become. Google for yourself if curious.

The point is I don’t think Ayn thought entirely the way I do but I can recognize the strength of her argument in the field she spoke to and that was political philosophy. Individualist versus collectivist philosophy.

If giving to charity were required is it still charity? What would it mean to require giving? So the dichotomy rand would have us looking at his control from the collective versus control from the self. Who’s in charge? Me or us?

An essay of hers I would recommend is the creator versus the parasite. It’s included in the book the new intellectual. It makes the creator in all of us feel powerful and important. The parasites are those who would create nothing on their own and reap reward anyway. We have to understand the kind of spectrum this would lay out. She said the conservatives are the worst in this regard because they are doing nothing to bolster the power of the individual and seemingly the job should belong to them.

The Liberals only want a monolithic collectivist utopia so their thought is clearly not suited for individualist philosophy.

And what would the Buddha say? Salvation is found in the self. He said don’t believe anything I tell you: find out for yourself.

When folks try to argue against Rand’s self-centered Objectivism with the philosophy of the Buddha’s selflessness they have to understand Rand was talking political philosophy not metaphysics. She was speaking to this material world only and I think that’s why the Buddha had the same attitude about the self. The self is all we have in this world and everything comes through it.

Writing on a Rainy Day

At Broadway and Jefferson a brick wall the height of my butt invites me to sit and write. Dark blue sky to the east, south east provides backdrop for a bright blue building trimmed in peach yellow. It’s a mechanic shop across the street. I’ve felt the slight sprinkles all day & the wind makes me wonder if dark skies are not coming this way. The other direction is more usual but I like the color anyway. Five minutes later I see the darkness is coming this way. I’m on foot. This might get exciting. The dark blue has turned to gray. Starbucks is my destination, I have a gift certificate and a sweet tooth.

But this weather doesn’t work very well for a window cleaner, nope. I guess that’s why I’ve got art to balance it. Motivation is the finest art. I did a window for free today. Bird crap. Seemed like something good for my motivation as I was feeling kind of useless. Besides, the window is one at the gallery i’m currently pursuing. Buttering them up? Sure, wish me luck. I’m sure the move isn’t hurting my chances.

At this moment it’s pouring out there but I need to go home and paint some canvases. I don’t want to get soaked. It looks like I’m going to get soaked. This was the plan. To let go of control. Here I go.

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