Nun Painting on Suburban

In the last post, I showed a couple preparatory drawings. I was Facebooking while i drew and searching images of ‘sexy nuns’. The painting was to be a ghost on Mark’s Suburban’s roof. I asked if he’d like the ghost to be a sexy nun and voila!

During NadaDada this year, I dressed as a priest. I thought bringing out that image to post was fitting.

We had to lift that Suburban up into the air with the backhoe. Thank God for the backhoe. Most spraypaint doesn’t like to shoot on horizontal surfaces very well. I ended up using a brush to finish off.

Not much detail was needed in this painting because it would usually be seen from a distance, such as the hill above the car gulch, where the bus stands. I thought a nun would be fitting since this IS the Last Church.

This is my life. Bless you.

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Nun Sketching

Sitting on the porch right now, drawing roughs, facebooking..┬áIn one of these you can see the suburban that’s about to get ghosted. I need the truck vertical so Mark’s gonna backhoe it up for me and I’ll paint her as a ghost.

Stay tuned for “Nun Painting” post to come.

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