Snow Post -part 1

Yup, we get snow in Goldfield.

It gets really hot here but around Halloween every year, cold/snow. I could paint in this weather if I felt like it. I don’t feel like it.

I took some pictures though..

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Beard, Bull & Bus


I’m growing a beard. Fer real this time. Why not?

There’s a bull on my dashboard. He’s my rubbery plastic power animal.

Sometimes when I’m afraid to get back to painting, I shoot photos instead. You can see the sketch for the car I’m supposed to be working on; car shots to come later.

There it is, I love that bus.

“Working Out the Bugs” Ned Paints Ants (pt. 3) Goldfield Journal #14

Ned Peterson has a cartoon style and unabashedly plasticizes life in paint sprayed in wild colors and concepts. He came here to infest the car forest with ants and I’ll always hold that against him.

We lived thru hell, he and I, as we worked with Mark to get a compressor/generator combo that worked-and we failed. We ended up using a couple air tanks that had to be refilled every hour & a half and that worked. We gotta’ work out the bugs.

You’re seeing these ants as they develop. I have another batch of photos I can’t upload to you at the moment. I’ve run into a technical difficulty; these photos to come feature the finishing touches of Ned’s ants. I miss my macbook so much but it’s sick right now. I’m working out the bugs.

We drug a couch over, under my new shade structure. Mark had driven us out to his favorite shooting area and this shade thing was there. We brought it back to the car forest. I consumed my hours setting this thing up and working on perfecting it while Ned painted bugs.

The wind blew so it was a good test for my shade thing. It blew over the first night and I haven’t seen it, today, as I write this. I don’t mean it blew away, I just haven’t been out there. The couch is comfy. Working out the bugs.

It was nice for me to not concentrate on painting these 2 days that Ned was here. I want photos from this joint so it was good to concentrate on that. Over the 2 days, I took 500 pictures.

I got carried away with shade, photos and rocks, anyway, I was delighted. It wasn’t hell at all, it was one of those perfect day kinda’ feelings.

There’s a car that Adrianne painted here last weekend and this day I decided what I’d do to collaborate with her on it. I just didn’t feel like painting and I’d been getting into the habit of grabbing up bigger rocks. I just kept going and going. I needed the workout severely. I just kept thinking about beautiful change and imperfection.

The car is situated perfectly to accept the suns last rays each day. I’m curious to see how much the shadows will change throughout the year. There’s seating for 5. I’ve never had a sundial.

I think about Cadillac Ranch and the Easter Islands. This is a monument being created. I don’t care if anything is explained; it could go on forever.

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Rock Garden Aligns with the Sun

Thinking about monuments, soaking up the sunsets, I thought this car, painted by lovely Adrianne, I thought we could put them together. I’m laying all these rocks in place. Later we’ll paint the rest of the car, but the big rock in the center lines up pretty well at sundown.

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Painting by Adrianne, Car by Michael Mark,  and rocks by God.

It’s Easy To Daydream Here. HEY I Painted this Red Bull!

There’s always something to do. We’re on the same kinda’ timeframe, Mark & I, so we usually get started pretty late in the afternoon. Tonight I painted a bull on a Honda Civic and then we pulled a car and a truck into place with mother backhoe.

Yeah, it’s easy to daydream. My job has different facets, but I have an audience and I can’t let them down; I’ve gotta notice the beautiful bizarre here and relay that to my blog followers, lest they get bored with me and the car forest.

The sunset is always pretty breathtaking but tonight the sunset beyond the Joshua tree and refracting against the side of the shiny trailer house, I couldn’t shoot quick enough.

We got the cars dragged over and later Mark fell asleep on his computer; he does that.

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A Couple Videos of Explanation

I used to have the “Best job in the state.” I believed that. I was delivering art all over the state. This is how i came to meet Michael Mark with all his cars stuck in the ground. I made these videos years ago.

music is by Tori singing Leonard Cohen‘s song. the lyrics worked for me in this eerie video ..

i was already deep into the social medium and was making alot of these videos. i’m having technical difficulties with my Mac for another week or so, but soon i’ll be back on track making videos again; maybe sooner.

i made the next video at the Car Forest with Michael Mark. he’s been inviting me to come back and stay here for quite some time. he knows i’m an ambitious artist and marketer. people keep commenting on how happy i seem to be here. i’m happy. i love potential, that’s why i like empty buildings and new friends.

the music is Mark himself and then an acid jazz guy, John Zorn. this video features a few early cars i painted and you see the remains of the first box truck that held up the Mopar limo. Vandals blew it up! Now there’s a new truck in its place and the crumpled self portrait i did on the side of the first truck is still here. i might like to show it as a wall piece; talk about a conversations starter ..

OR roll over a few of these and see what they’re about..

I apologize..

    I’m not so clear on how to update this blog every day, so I think I’ll just make some notes here about that and share my thoughts/plans with you right now.

I might as well include some random images too from the Car Forest.

There are a few things for me to be focusing on. I’ve started a journal and, at this moment, I have 10 entries about my new life in the desert. They’re up and online. They’re on Facebook and I will get them onto this blog site soon as well.

I’ve been uploading alot of images. To save you the boredom of repetition, I save alot of them for myself,  but still, there are alot of them for you to peruse here.

What is the point of this project? What am I trying to do? Those two questions will be the subject of future posts.

I’ll also be uploading videos as they’re made. I made one last night that I still have to edit. We buried the bus into the ground and that was extremely exciting.

S0 alas, I’ve got photos to post in cohesive groupings, I can continue to write journal entries (maybe make a book out of it some day), and also do regular ol’ blog posts. In those I can be more brief and impulsive.

It’s incredibly nice to be in this position where all I’m asked to do is make art.

Michael Mark Rippie is the proprietor of this place and I intend to canonize him in the outsider artist pantheon.

That Damn Bus

The case of that damn blue bus:

We’ve been working on it every couple days for over a week now. We had to drag it out of its location of 20 years and get it up the hill above the car forest.

I gotta’ tell ya’, the vantage point from this bus’ new location is where one can see the whole town and surrounding area. I plan to build a platform up there and we’re installing a ladder once it’s planted.

We work at night with the backhoe. Michael Mark does the driving, pulling, tugging, and I do the chain work, wrapping it around the hooks conveniently located under the crumpled rear bumper. We’re lucky they’re still there, not much else is.

Here’s what Artist Fishbowler is Up Against in Goldfield

Ever been to Goldfield? It’s in the middle of Nevada.

Saint Michael Mark is the patron saint here and legend has it an alien came to inhabit his body since the age of 23. The Last Church is a car forest.

Father Sorg is a wandering monk from the Mysterious Order of NadaDada. This band of nomadic creatives worship in various locations including motels and believe that art does not come from an institution.

Sorg has to paint these holy cars and join Michael Mark in his quest to edify the world and call attention to the mind of Jesus.

“This monument is to the teachings of Christ, not the bullshit from the Bible, but the stuff that’s inside you.
Jesus was the most influential person I’d come across. He seems to touch everyone in this world so i decided to give it a kickstart.
I knew these people came from the stars… from the dust and to the dust. Since I couldn’t get off this stupid fuckin’ planet and away from stupid fucking people, I decided to build a monument to the mind of Christ, the philosopher, the poet, the dreamer. The man who knew what unconditional love means.
He knew that anything was possible if you believe it. A human being can do anything he wants to if he thinks he can. There are no limitations.
If you think there’s a planet out there with two suns, there is. If you think there’s such a thing as flying saucers, there is. If you think you can write a book, you can. If you think you can be an artist, you can. If you truly believe in God, you will find a way to contact him.”

Together, they’re planting the International Car Forest of the Last Church. It is a place where artists are invited to come and grow.

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