A Fishbowler Window Cleans The System

This dispatch is from McDonald’s in one of the North Valleys, just off the highway.

The notion of sustainability, these days, involves a rejection of the huge systems that run everything. It’s an anti-corporatism creed. Globalization is a real thing: an objective, a directive, and it’s the game plan that our current First World system follows. We’re all familiar.

I did not come to write this at McDonald’s to be ironic; I came to lunch on a Big Mac. My “value meal” cost me $7.00 and the coke tastes nothing like Coke. There is an effeminate Hispanic teenager behind the counter who proudly greets with “Welcome to McDonald’s” the millisecond customers cross the threshold & this is crackin’ me up. He’s just happy to have a job, “Welcome to McDonald’s”.

We compromise. For time, for ease, for the bottom-line, we compromise. Toward small business owners & those–like me–self employed, we are to feel repentant for coming to a food chain like Mickie D’s. But I ask: Where else do I get to see the snide mechanical faces in front of Fox News cameras informing me of the patriotic acts of Americans in the face of Terrorism? “Welcome to McDonald’s.” This is what I’m being fed.

I did a quick window job this morning for a Facebook friend who lives a valley over. He had read my last blog post–”about a buck a window per side”–plus he’s been following my exploits online since I was fishbowling in LA so we had alot to talk about. He does politics locally, Neighborhood Advisory Board, plus he ran for City Council last time around–maybe the time before that as well.

Ed Hawkins is his name; you’d like him–ex-Marine, a grandfather. We got caught up on the state of Goldfield and my own little foray into politics, my stint as Chamber of Commerce President down there. We then traded small town stories. As I’ve said it before: Fuck Goldfield. It has that effect on ya’.

So yeah this globalizing system of Facebook is what brought us together. Here I am thinking local, walking the neighborhood with flyers, workin’ the follow ups and it’s been my online connections that have paid off better–for 3 weeks now! I do believe it’s time, though, to set a minimum price for windows, $40 sounds good.

What Has Sorg Learned Since His Personal “End of the World”?

I can’t write gems every day. Blogging, as I am now, with no internet connection at home, well it puts me in a mindset more slow, like a 70’s guy with bushy sideburns. I’m not up-to-the-minute like I used to be. I must admit, though, once I head toward home or somewhere else with no wifi connection, it’s in my mind, thinking of the last post I put out there.

There’s this old way of doing things, as far as promotion and publicity goes, of just saying everything as positively about your product as possible.

Well, social media hit the world like a Mack truck in the face, and all that changed. Now it’s up to the minute and it’s all opinion all the time. People are free to share their negative experiences in relation to a company or person and it’s all a bit more open. Companies have had to adapt.

So for me to eject myself from this world, I’m assuming people that have followed me for awhile must be wondering what I’ve learned.

Life is the same. I’ve learned that my emotions are more even keeled or at least a bit slower to develop compared to my facebooking days. As far as the latest news about politics, etc.. I have to ask you: do you really think what you’re reading on your newsfeed is NEWS?

Links from Huffington Post, New York Times, Fox News, these are NEWS? These are reality? You’re an informed American?

I’m alive. I’m clear-headed and I’m dealing with my personal position in this world. I’m not at all happy about the state of this country’s political landscape, but ya know, I know one thing, it’s theatre. It’s a joke and it pisses me off to think that people are so spoon fed.

This is not right, the way this country (and the world) is being run. Your emotions are being toyed with and NOTHING is being accomplished.

I was cranky on that last post, yesterday’s, but today I’m not. I’m in a mood to tell you how I see it and I want you to enlighten yourself and QUIT listening to your stupid friends and their stupid links on Facebook. AT LEAST go read a story from your “enemy”, assuming you’re one of those Liberal/Conservative types (as if the world is so polarized and simple.)

Go live a real life.

Go struggle.

Go make something.

Go be disappointed.

Sleep it off,

start over.

Each day is tribulation and we need our strength tested. Pay attention to your diet and intake and realize you’re grumpy when you’re hungry, you’re antsy when you’re horny and when you’re tired, go to sleep; don’t make any decisions at that moment.

I hope something here has connected with you because I experiment with the writing of these blog posts and I subscribe to this last bit of wisdom:

Don’t be afraid to be wrong.

This is not the most clearly constructed blog post, but fuckit; I’m not editing it. It turned all political, but I guess I want you to know that our constitution and the creation of this government in the late 1700’s was brilliant and humane. Tyranny-as we seem to have now-was expected by these men of power way back then. They accounted for it. They actually unified singular, autonomous states into a singular American federation, all the while, considering the ramifications of the possibilities of a tyrannical government.

I don’t think they fully accounted for the power of corporate greed.

It was written right into the Constitution that, if WE THE PEOPLE are not happy with our government, we’re the boss and we are able to abolish it and start over. I think it’s time to do this.

It’s time to eject corporatism, state-socialism, a.k.a. Fascism from our United States governmental rule.

That’s what I’m thinking about these days. Facebook-you’ve shown me enough. Obama, I’ve learned that your executive orders are not out of line in comparison to previous Presidents, but I also know that your policies differ, only on the surface, from those of George W. Bush and other Presidents. I understand that Democrat/Republican are simple costumes used for TV appearances.

Obama and friends, I want to take much of your power away from you because I’m your boss. If I’m uninformed about my own powers, that’s my fault.

Quite simply, the unification of all governmental bodies into ONE government ONLY benefits the rulers and don’t kid yourself, the corporations truly run the show.

Our rulers have OBVIOUSLY divorced themselves from nature and all that runs perfectly. Hello? Wind power? Solar? Mass Transit? Electric cars?

We cannot assume that the government of this country is in any position to offer us a sustainable “social safety net”. Look to your friends and family if you’re searching for such. And fer godssakes, go learn something about the Constitution!

Correspondence from the Far End of the World

Being apart from everyone, you become aware of all the things you don’t need. Actually, it’s more that you become oblivious to all that you’re “missing”. You start to remember what you had thought you needed, and now that you’re away from that world, you have what you need anyway.


Some believe that this world should unify to become one. It would be an easier world to manage if we were one world. But I believe we should manage ourselves. I believe that no group should dominate and no group should evaporate. There will be differences but there is room for all of us.

The Earth is the Earth and the world is the world. The Earth IS one regardless of the actions of the world. The Earth IS unified and every action is connected with every other action on this Earth.

The world, though, is made of many cultures. It is many worlds within this world.

I’m ready to get back to my world, which is right in front of me. Less pixels, more atoms. My desire is to become more in harmony with my immediate world, consequently, more in harmony with the Earth.

I’m glad to be able to disconnect a bit.


This blog will continue to be connected to Facebook thru fanpages: @Fishbowler, @International Car Forest of the Last Church, @NadaDada Motel, @AYBAB2u and the event page for our big @End of the World Party (the FAR END!!), which starts tonight.

Curious about my world of Goldfield? Fan up with @Radio Goldfield KGFN for live streaming (my show, Audio Sorgfield, airs 8pm Friday nights, Pacific Time), and keep an eye on @Goldfield Chamber. My email is bigfishbowler@gmail.com I love correspondence.

“Are You Off Your Rocker?”

I remember, fairly recently, talking to this one guy. He has good intentions. I see that. But concerning the world & all that, he believes that all we need is exposure to more information. He was referring to big business and government and all that stuff going on behind closed doors. “We just need more information,” he said.

I fully disagree. I completely disagree. The information we all need is there in front of us. We got it. We’re all aware of what the world is becoming and who is in charge-if only by knowing it’s not us. We’re not in charge of this world. We know how things need to be but our governors are not moving us in the correct direction.

I’m leaving Facebook at the end of the week. We’re having this amazing party here at the CarForest that weekend (August 17th, 2012) and it’s called the End of the World Party (the Far End). I thought it a fitting day to end my Effbook world so that’s what I’m doing.

AFTER the End of the World, I’ll be easy to reach by email: bigfishbowler@gmail.com. Drop me a line right now, then you’ll be on my list. But I really can’t wait till my primary online outlet is my blog. I’ll be philosophizing/pontificating and reflecting there more deeply now. Promoting/Self promoting? yeah that will continue to be my outlet for that. I need to sell Tshirts and paintings and stuff for income.

People want to know if I’m off my rocker for leaving Effbook. I can’t answer that. It’s all perspective.

I want to get back to mine.

NadaDada? Belligerent?

NadaDadans on the Balcony
Image by Art Domagala via Flickr

The motel world is a transient world, it leaves room for a little belligerence, but SHOCK, not being our goal.. naturalism is, I think. Authenticity, truthful, obnoxious reality, misspellings and badly placed punctuation. I’m against the fantasy of the sterile gallery, as if art exists on its own plane. That don’t do it for me.. I wanna know who made what and how and USUALLY it’s a pretty fucking interesting story straight from the horse’s mouth.

NadaDada is to be the opposite of a governmental oligarchy or plutocracy or anything hierarchical using any kind of coercion. We don’t believe in dangling carrots or papers bequeathing you with officialdom, in fact.. there is no we. To jury shows and to ‘set standards’ I do believe will never be part of nadaDada.

We’re about getting ourselves the closest we can to ‘no restrictions’. We’re about giving this thing away, letting ANYBODY in that wants the work-and anyone who’d like to SEE the work. It’s artists at work.

I only say so much because I think so much about this subject. I want to build something with you.. then again, I want you to do your own thing, regardless of me. That’s what I want. I want us to be a group of individuals, not in text only or on name plates, bibliographies-no! I want to see each individual being an individual and doing it differently each year. I want to see conflict and peace, we’re presenting a world here.

It is of more interest, perhaps, in what NadaDada is NOT. We are not an imposing force, we are an inclusive force. Being in motels, as we are, we have almost unlimited growth potential in every city-this is our beauty. We are not asking for the best artists, but ALL artists to come out of the woodwork and make themselves heard, in any way they see fit. Even ‘jurying’ is allowed if that’s the way someone conducts their room.

The model is as simple as this: Each artist pays a motel or venue normal rates to open a temporary gallery, performance space, whatever, in a room. It is that direct. The date and times are the only other things you need to know to be a part.

You’ll need to promote your room because it is YOUR art show. We are all doing our own parts, and believe me, all the flyers of varying types and promotions of unique flavors do NOT hurt anyone here. Oh, you’ll have to have a sales tax permit to sell art; you don’t if you don’t. Talk to those people about that.

This year, as always, the 3rd weekend of June, Reno does NadaDada. Las Vegas’ first NadaDada will be this year, 2012, the weekend of May 4th.

Please subscribe to my posts to be updated further, or email me with a question. We have a fan page AND a group page on Facebook.

Involve yourself, belligerently, if the spirit moves you. NadaDada.


Painting Last Night (with updated photo of Skull Car Painting)

It takes an environment devoid of distraction to paint. There is always distraction. For me, that would be Facebook.

I work from photos I’ve taken here at the car forest. For the most part, the painting is accurate to the photo, though sometimes, little changes are made, details of which, I won’t bore you with.

I’ve been getting started painting past midnight lately. No reason to adjust my schedule for anyone else.

At NadaDada Motel, Vegas, I’ll be showing paintings like these and other stuff from this here desert resort. May 4th weekend, 2012.

My show will be called All  Your  Bus  Are  Belong  2  us.

Watch the following slideshow to see the skull car as the painting develops. It’s not done yet but the finished canvas will be shown here when it is.

More to come, stay tuned, and as always, please share my endevours far & wide and SUBSCRIBE!

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Van Gogh paintings with Tilt Shift applied for 3D effect (bloggiestbloggyblog.com)

Sergeant Pepper Spray

Use this image to make your own. I like using http://www.sumopaint.com/app/ It's online, it's free.

I’m a big fan of the currently rampant viral meme we’re calling Sgt. Pepper Spray.. (click for the group page on Facebook).

UC Davis, occupy movement, this cop pepper sprayed peaceful protestors as they SAT on the ground-did I mention ‘peacefully’?

There are United States documents disallowing us to start aggression with our national war machines; that was ignored (middle East). Currently, police forces are, again, ignoring our, officially sanctioned, American rights such as the ‘right to assemble or petition the government for “redress of grievances”.. Here’s the First Amendment.

The Occupy movement comes to us through a long lineage of passive engagement from a philosophy posited by Henry David Thoreau, “On civil Disobedience“. We can look to Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and the Hippy Movement (Abby Hoffman was cool)  for sucessful examples of this philosophy carried out in the real world. Change happens quickly.

Today we have social media as a medium of protest. COUNT ME IN!


Nun Painting on Suburban

In the last post, I showed a couple preparatory drawings. I was Facebooking while i drew and searching images of ‘sexy nuns’. The painting was to be a ghost on Mark’s Suburban’s roof. I asked if he’d like the ghost to be a sexy nun and voila!

During NadaDada this year, I dressed as a priest. I thought bringing out that image to post was fitting.

We had to lift that Suburban up into the air with the backhoe. Thank God for the backhoe. Most spraypaint doesn’t like to shoot on horizontal surfaces very well. I ended up using a brush to finish off.

Not much detail was needed in this painting because it would usually be seen from a distance, such as the hill above the car gulch, where the bus stands. I thought a nun would be fitting since this IS the Last Church.

This is my life. Bless you.

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Who’s Heard of Jeffrey Vallance?

Jeffrey Vallance
Image by rocor via Flickr

This artist has been a big inspiration to me. We’re actually friends on Facebook. I wrote to ask him for a quote one time and he sent back:

“Chad Sorg is the most kickass artist in LA right now!”

His line of creativity is hard to pigeon hole, but I can tell ya, one of his projects involved setting up an “office” and inviting people in to have consultations of some kind. It was complete with a deer head on the paneled wall. It was Texas.

A big thing about him that I like so much is that he doesn’t just make pictures or sculptures or even make a statement. His work borders on a kind of personal journalism. He goes to these places and puts himself in situations and then he writes about it. Each project is different but he puts a task in front of himself and does it, all the while, he writes about the experience.

There’s an ambiguity in what he’s doing because it’s not a straight forward cause that he’s for or against and people don’t know how to take his sincerity. It’s a kind of performance, yet, he’s just being himself… I think.

Often, his actions or happenings result in artifacts after the fact. He does drawings and makes objects, such as the plate seen above.

“You can describe the prank in one sentence. On 27 April 1978, Jeffrey Vallance persuaded a Los Angeles pet cemetery to bury a supermarket frozen chicken in a satin-lined coffin, claiming it was his pet, Blinky. Not a bad joke after all, but for Jeffrey Vallance that became a cornerstone for his carrier and general popularity.”

see full story here:


.. and here’s his Wiki page:


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