I Love Having Visitors

It’s only four hours from Reno, 4 from Vegas. You’d think..

I’m just kidding, this place is in BFE. I know it’s far out here, but still, I’ve had visitors most weekends since I’ve been here. Jonathan Armen filmed out here with a couple actors and Ned Peterson came last weekend (I think it was) and painted ants on a white LTD. Lauren Hufft Gifford came and broght me a big paper mache head for one of the cars. It was made by a mutual friend, Rockette Bob. Some of his car creations have been laid here to rest in Goldfield, so we thought it appropriate.

This weekend ghost hunters are coming to Goldfield and will be paying me a visit. They’re coming to investigate the Goldfield Hotel-very haunted I’m told. Wish we could do a Holloween party there.

Adrianne came to visit for the weekend and Marie stopped by Saturday, driving back to Reno from Arizona. You just might notice from these pictures, it gets a little windy here. Marie was explaining the artwork on her cleavage. I forget the culuture but it’s about negative space in the design. I’ve also included the drawing of Ad that I finished while she was here. We sat by the fireplace and drew pictures.

I love having visitors, whatever planet or dimension they might be from.

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“Greetings Michael Mark, We’re in Goldfield” Goldfield Journal #1

“Greetings Michael Mark, We’re in Goldfield”

1am, we arrived in a Volvo fromReno. Michael Mark was awake to greet us. It was Jonathon, Jason and Mick Moore. Jonathon has been a friend of mine for about 4 years now, a family man. Jason fixes windshields and maintains cars; Mick is a young rock musician.

4 hours, we would all agree, felt more like 5 & a half. Though strange leaving at night, it was a fun drive. We listened to a lot of 80’s music. There were two stops, Fernley for Wendy’s and later at the place I call Mina Castle, near Mina Nevada. Passers-by paint on this structure all through the year. It’s right beside the road. Last night was pitch black with boundless stars. It’s a light show up there, a reminder of our inconsequence in the big scheme.

MichaelMark gave us a house trailer to sleep in, only Mick did, there’s a new mattress even, for me, but the trailer home smells like puppy piss. One time Michael Mark told me “yeah, that’s the dogs’ trailer. Well it’s mine now.

The other guys slept in the car in the driveway. I slept on a deck in the yard under the stars and with a blanket. A piece of carpet was under me. Sunflowers are all over the yard and all around the house. It provides shade for the dogs, I guess.

We’re here to act. That’s why Jonathon brought these guys down for today. We’re filming an episode of his film. The first scene we shot was the scene where we have the guys digging their own graves at gunpoint. They get away and we find ourselves, in later scenes, downtown with our fake guns- they looked real. I had a .45; I’m the older bad guy. Mick had a 9mill. We shot in front of the famous Goldfield Hotel. A lot of cars and trucks came by the whole time. Highway 95 has no stop signs thru town. Commerce is slim here.

You should see this place, maybe you will some day. The breeze here right now is lovely. The hose in the yard leaks and it sprays out most of the time. Maybe I’ll be able to fix it. I should eat soon.

The cars have faded in some cases, have been moved, or they’re just ready for new paint. There are 18 cars in the ground but in 2 months, we’ll have 50 done. A party will happen here with artists invited, maybe mid September.. a band would be great. Artists will be working on these cars with me. Filming was today. This empty town is so weird and run down. I love it.

I’m not sure why thisVietnamera type loudspeaker is going off again. It’s 5 o’clock right now. It must be just to tell time these days. We’re surrounded by mines not in use anymore. The grave yards, we did not go to. Downtown buildings, we film around. Across the street from the courthouse and police station, I decided I would not film right there with this gun in my hand or even in my pants. We don’t want attention like that, but we filmed downtown in those other places, around ruins and cars.

The movie is an episode, part of a series being called Sheep Nation, I think. Jonathan told me.

It’s 4 o’clock now, those guys have gone back toReno. They just left in the Volvo. Today we started at 8am and shot a lot of footage on the move, mostly scenes where the captives are running away from us. That was such a blast. We ran through a lot of desert today. I had a great death scene. MichaelMark shot me to death at the door of a cargo container in his driveway. I was gonna’ shoot the good guys, but he got me first. He uses a nice camouflage shotgun. He was fantastic! “Get off my property, go die somewhere else.” And then, “Dammit, now I gotta bury this asshole.”

Shooting it was fast paced, with an on-the-move explosive finale. There was much gun play. The car forest is young now and is featured in this film in some shots of scenes. There’s more shooting to do elsewhere, back around Reno, but I’ve gotta’ get Jonathon back out here some time to shoot more because there’s a lot to see in the neighborhood of this compound.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here. There’s much to be done. I could be here awhile.

As far as the car forest, we’ll start working on the burying and the painting of cars soon. I’ll use a lot of paint. I can see the Dada car outside the door where I sit right now, above me on the hill behind these homes. It’s a crumbly landscape. Desert sun is crisp. Wispy clouds push above.

MichaehlMark has 7 dogs. These Jack Russell Terriers barked at me sleeping in the yard last night. They’re starting to love me now. It’s cool here in this air conditioned house. There’s a dog on my shoulder right now. She’s licking in my ear.

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