Cat Sitting Fishbowl Stint part 2 (photos)

Just a handful of images. I’m staying in this tiny camper till Christmas and I’m lovin’ it. Last night I just wrote and today I’m starting a couple canvases. I’m going to be updating you of this exciting time in my life. There’s no crapper, only a urinal.

As always, you can click on an image to see them blown up.

I walked down to our cafe for breakfast and some writing time. We’re glad it’s open again. No gas yet, just food. Nice atmosphere. Of course every time I go there I know everyone. It’s a bit much, actually, especially when I’ve just awakened and then had to brave the chilly wind with ice sickle tears at the corners of my eyes when I walk in. I finished letter to my mom and dad and then after breakfast, walked over to the post office to mail them off.. a little late.

I received a letter from a friend, Christmas card and commending me for what I’m doing in life. The letter was addressed “Chad Sorg, c/o Goldfield Chamber of Commerce, PO Box __________.. I’m not on the board of the Chamber any more, but the letter found me easily. The new reining President is Bobby Patterson, who happens to be my #1 choice for the job. He has my total support!

At home, our PO Box is 53, here in Goldfield, 89013 if you’d like to send something. Money’s always good too.. but yeah, our house is called End of the World, so just for fun, why don’tcha’ address it to that name next time, see if it gets to me.

I love the rust and the ruins and the joshua trees. More images to come, from my lil’ trailer hide away, especially once I get a painting done. Mr. White Whiskers likes the night life apparently. I worried about him all night till he finally knocked this morning just before dawn. He doesn’t seem to like salmon; what’s up with that!?? Our heater kicks ass!

And I JUST COULDN’T WAIT to show you this newest canvas..

Bus Burn Painting, Oil, 12 x 16

Cat Sitting Fishbowl Stint Starts NOW

I can’t believe I said yes to this like nothing at all. It is amazing how maliable I am; day before yesterday, I believe it was.

6:43 PM, Friday, End of the World, 12/21/12. Wow, that’s weird.

A guy I don’t know that well came to my place to ask if I wanted to cat sit in his trailer for a week or so. I said yes. Plain & simple, so here I am.

I cannot believe how simply he lives. He outdoes me, actually. No TV –that’s a start. No radio. NO COMPUTER! Apparently he drinks coffee but I haven’t found the coffee maker yet.

The food here is astounding-tiny collection. I’ll get to that later. Just a urinal; no pooping here unless I go gonzo (outside, I guess) or the rest stop. There’s TP here, shelf above the bed.

I just found his one porn mag.

I’m at the radio station at the moment to catch wireless and my show’s about to come on, I hope anyway. Last week it never seemed to come on the 2 times I tuned in to hear it. Told Carl to just air last week’s show. No prob. Gives me a week off anyway.

OH, here it is. RIGHT NOW! Tonight happens to be the “Lonely Episode, number 26, Audio Sorgfield”. It re-airs tonight @ 11 Pacific time. Otherwise, see the schedule on our page for the rest of the week.

Cat’s name is Mister White Whiskers. He was beside me this evening while I wrote this on a note pad. I hope his owner doesn’t mind me mentioning his porn mag. It’s very tame actually. Very moderate. I’m impressed by his austere life. He does have 2 vehicles though. I’m not judging.

Zak suggested, just tonight, that I fishbowl this residency. Just tonight he mentioned this as I was about to walk to the trailer to feed the cat. I actually hadn’t thought of it that way. While I’m here for the week I’m painting. Oils on canvas. Writing too it looks like. Yeah, I’m fishbowling this cat sitting trailer week.

As I said, I hadn’t planned on fishbowling here but what the hell. Pictures to come.

“I live in strange places and blog about it..” says my business card.

There’s a book on Mark Twain here. Dust cover’s mangled. I’m reading his assessment that multiple palm readers had divulged that he, according to his hand wrinkles, had no sense of humor. I would like to be so humorless myself.

Good night.

Goldfield Days Is This


Friday, August 17th, Saturday the 18th, and Sunday the 19th, 2012 are the dates for the free event.

A town, midway between Reno and Las Vegas, formerly populated by twenty thousand people is now home to around 150. They say Mark Twain lived here once. Same with Wyatt Earp. Virgil Earp did live here. It was a major Western city back then. Boom & bust. At one time Las Vegas was the “Gateway to Goldfield”. No joke.

Some of our historic buildings are still here. People find our town quaint; we find it peaceful. Once a year, we invite the rest of the world in to party with us. The County of Esmeralda invites you to buy a plot of land here. 18 lots, VERY affordable. Here’s the list; take a look:

Everything’s very informal and we still need vendors, so get ahold of us. Drive your interesting vehicles here to parade around in. Drive your 4×4 or tow ATV’s. Dress up! Western? Funky? Doesn’t matter. Rusty steel & objects were left behind from the mining days ALL OVER THE PLACE, and also jackasses roam wild here. What I’m sayin’ is photo opportunities are unique here!

We’ll be featuring a Parade, Chili Cook-Off, Car Show, Poker Walk, Children’s Old West Arcade, Live Bands, Gunfighters, Historic Bus Tours around town, Paranormal Tours of the HauntedHigh School which was built in 1907, Bed Races and much more. And yes, there will be beer.

We have a brand new BMX track here too! Open to the public. Explore our back roads and take an ultra lite ride over town! Visit our authentic Wild West graveyard. In the vicinity, there is a waterfall, a hot spring, and you can shoot guns!

Goldfield’s 8 motel rooms at the Sante Fe are booked up. Dry camping is available at the InternationalCarForest of the LastChurch. $25 donation is being asked, per person. Kids under 18 are free, accompanied by parents. Porta-potties supplied. Bring water and food. Bring solar showers or buddy up with someone that has one (hubba hubba). Campfires in fire pits please, so bring shovels. It can get very windy and it’s possible we get a little rain (very little). No flip flops! Wear boots. Shade structures must be strongly constructed at your site.

To fill out vendor or parade forms:

For more details, email Or call Lisa at the Goldfield Gift Shop 775-485-3700

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