Cat Sitting Fishbowler, Part 4

Day 3, Evening

8:30 PM, Nina Simone moans. 4 canvases here means dabs here & there and most interestingly, they’re all different genres it seems.
Mister White Whiskers wants out again. He just came in!
She wails sex like in the dark, Nina. Time for propane heat.
These moments can pass unnoticed as insignificant. Take note. Take heart. Godspeed.
Mark art from these; poetry or publication in abstract of the moment’s feeling. You Tube it, Tumber, Google + it. Sing out. Yell to the the mountain top and share it. We have this in common, that we can all put it in a certain perspective if we try. Make a story of it or a picture; maybe somethin’ in between. Whether it’s a story of your trip to the post office or laundry day, or leaning against the juke box last night. See the beauty (or horror) and share that.
Cooking the contents of a can: stir fry vegetables, cost $1.80. Looking forward to eating this.
To spruce it up I made it into Thai. Added a couple spoons of peanut butter and then garlic powder, garlic salt and black peppercorn ground in. Oh and coffee creamer- Irish cream.
It really is good.
For the last couple bites I’m adding more peanut butter. Ewwwwww.. THAT’S awesome! It’s chunky peanut butter. Not the first choice for my teeth, but tasty.
The vegetables are thin slices of carrot, watercress, bean sprouts and those lil’ corns cobs. Peanut butter is so nice with spice. It’s a dampening effect. Insulation. I tried to get  a pic of me eating it for you but the camera’s card was full AND battery’s dead!
I got the grooviest jazz goin’. Ornette Coleman from 1959.
Day 4, Morning
I should have emptied that card last night. Ornette put me to sleep after a few painting dabs. The fog this morning is killer. I’m about to go out & shoot. You gotta’ see this.
Digital frenzy. Went out in the ‘hood a bit. Historical documentation never ends. Atmosheric effects galore! The sun would come and go, filtered by these grounded clouds and consequently, the whole landscape would come and go too. I don’t know if I got many shots of the well lit moments but it’s mysterious how they become concealed so quickly.
Boesch Home, I’m told, was lived in by an old miner who was blind. He had laid a wire along the ground that he’d follow to get him to work & home every day.
This is the edge of the mining districk. One of the state’s longest continually running bars is over here. The Sante Fe is exactly the kind of place you’d expect; leather horse tools hang from the porch’s banisters.
Goldfield was so much more densely populated at one time. It’s hard to imagine.
When the lighting is right, I’ll have to get some shots of this cabin’s interior.
It’s that simple existence that’s become so foreign to us. I woke from my nap after shooting the Christmas Eve fog, thinkin’ about Mr. Boesch’s little place. I didn’t notice if any electricity had ever been connected. He wouldn’t really need lights except for visitors. Right across the street is the Sante Fe, though. Maybe he would have just taken them over there during a visit.
Seeing the stuffing come thru the walls puts things into perspective. I guess the miners would have worked during the winter. Temperature doesn’t change much down in the hole, I guess.
Mr. Boesch claimed he could feel the ore with gold in it. I believe the story is he was actually rich. He just preferred the simple life.

LIGHTNING and THUNDER at the Car Forest!

Ron Pinkerton came to the Car Forest a few months ago.

He was out there 2 nights in a row, shooting after sunset in the wind and rain and lightening, lighting the cars and shooting shooting shooting. I saw him out there with his flash very late one night as a storm came thru and went.

it really was a spectacular moment for Ron to be here shooting. If I remember right, Zak saw him downtown with his big camera and he was pointed in our direction. Really awesome guy and these shorts are almost too good to be true. The guy knew his shit and must be some kind of Buddhist or something to be patient as he was.

click thru and look at these shots blown up on Ron’s Flkr page. TELL him how frickin amazing these are!

The Gatekeeper
Blue Moon Rising (aka Bus-ted)

Bus on Fire

The International Car Forest of the Last Church sustained damage. The authorities didn’t need to be called, but showed up anyway. It seems the fire was seen from across town and the Volunteer Fire Department of Goldfield showed up any way.

The fire chief was reported to say “No problem, Chad, we’ll get it put out.”

It seems the villian in question who perpetrated such heinous perpetration on his own property was Saint MichaelMark himself.

The fire was allowed to go out by itself but GOD DAMN some great shots were taken that day!

See more details for the ‘End of the World Party (the FAR END)’ on Facebook (click photo for link up) or right here in upcoming on Fishbowler. Actually, it’ll take you to my upcoming exhibition of oils at TMCC, which includes an oil of this very photo.

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August 17th weekend, dry camping (glamping), 10 minute walk away from festivities going on concurrently at Goldfield Days.

Asking $25 donations per person camping, kids are free.

Oh I’m Sorry, Did I Steal This From You?

Baboon and Young by Pablo Picasso (1951) - Con...
who's monkey is this?

I’ve stolen the following reference material from online sources. Did I steal one of these from you?

I’ve been searching for images to include in my paintings here at the Car Forest. I’m looking for things that have some meaning for me. A lot of thought is being put into the theme that most of these cars will fall under but I’m not pressing that matter too much. It doesn’t matter what I paint, as long as it moves me.

Some of my inspiration is coming from TV. We like the alien shows. One of these shows was talking about the art that certain ancient cultures made, and they talked about how they would only paint what they see. This was the statement made to infer that aliens visited long ago. The ancient drawings and designs of gods did, indeed, look like space suited folk.

I’m thinking of light, I’m thinking of monuments and I’m thinking of figures, mankind, religion, belief.

An important aspect of my work is for others to be included in the evolution of the creative act. I want to invite you in to my mind. I want you to inspire my mind.

Seriously, did I steal any of these from you? Where’d you steal from?

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“Good artists copy; great artists steal,”-Pablo Picasso

“One of the surest tests [of the superiority or inferiority of a poet] is the way in which a poet borrows. Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different.” T.S. Eliot

Picasso: Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal:

“Yes, The Bus is Standing Up on End” Goldfield Journal #11

There’s a great radio station here in Goldfield. I realize that’s hard to believe it, but they’ll play all these songs I’ve never heard, such as this 80’s funk song sayin’ “Get funky!” I realize this doesn’t narrow it down much but it’s kinda funny. There’s this primitive rapping in it and ‘kangg-kownnngg, waahhh wahhh’ kinda sounds.

Most of this stuff I never hear on the radio. They don’t have to make money on the songs anymore so they’re not played. Banjo, Willie, Patsy and Johnny Cash, but then a lot of really funky choices are thrown up against Bob Marley or Dylan. The only commercials are these really stupid impersonations of Nixon begging for donations to the station so they can replace their ’62 Dell computer.

Did you ever see Vanishing Point? It was made in the very early 70’s and featured a radio DJ that broadcast from the Goldfield Hotel. The hotel has not changed one bit and I don’t think the rest of the town has either. It’s a car movie and touted as having some of the best chase scenes in the history of cinema. It’s a classic, watch it some time.

It’s nice sitting here right now. I’m at the car forest. I came to visit some cars and see where I wanna’ go with them. I was able to the cars and kick some dirt off their windshields & pick up scraps a bit. I even got to spray a bit of color. I have some great metallic and basically every color I could want. We’ve got these little mirror pieces to apply to some cars, so I was planning that out a bit too. It won’t be all painting on these cars. I hope to get some great welders here to build shade off of these things too; maybe make a few of them into steel trees, with leaves. I imagine the people camping here in the future under the cars.

Yes, the bus is standing up on end above us on the hill. You can see this thing from EVERYWHERE in town. I know because we drove across town today and I could see it at all times, up on a ridge. The bus is much higher than the tallest building in town. This sleepy village gives me delight; 198 people with mostly run down homes. There’s not much point in keeping things presentable, but they must wonder what the hell Michael Mark’s up to. He likes to allude to people here being scared of him, or at least not sure of his motivations. He considers himself a bit of an outcast. We’ll show them.

Mark is currently running the backhoe and is about to bury aPlymouthstation wagon, bluish white. It’s kinda’ nice lookin’ with its 4 headlights that are round. Body looks pretty good on it. It will be a beautiful canvas for someone. It was my choice where to stand this one up and I suggested we put it on a hill coming into the gully that is the most concentrated area of car forest. This car can also be seen from all over town.

K-Pow is looking great. I got up here in the Suburban just before sunset and at that time it was sprinkling a little bit. It gave the painting a real nice look with water beading up on it. I started with that car when I got to Goldfield a couple weeks ago, and as I predicted, it’s gotten the most attention from me so far. The explosion was painted pretty well, I’d say. The yellows to reds contrast nicely with some purple, blues and black. I used a brush just a little bit to set it off more sharply.

At this point I’ve got around 6 cars I’m making art on so I’m trying to stick to them and not expand my territory. It’s been a very popular invitation to ask my friends if they’d like to have a car to paint. In the dust & sun or snow  wind, at least they’ll have a good station to listen to.

“Yes, The Bus is Standing Up on End” Goldfield Journal #11

I apologize..

    I’m not so clear on how to update this blog every day, so I think I’ll just make some notes here about that and share my thoughts/plans with you right now.

I might as well include some random images too from the Car Forest.

There are a few things for me to be focusing on. I’ve started a journal and, at this moment, I have 10 entries about my new life in the desert. They’re up and online. They’re on Facebook and I will get them onto this blog site soon as well.

I’ve been uploading alot of images. To save you the boredom of repetition, I save alot of them for myself,  but still, there are alot of them for you to peruse here.

What is the point of this project? What am I trying to do? Those two questions will be the subject of future posts.

I’ll also be uploading videos as they’re made. I made one last night that I still have to edit. We buried the bus into the ground and that was extremely exciting.

S0 alas, I’ve got photos to post in cohesive groupings, I can continue to write journal entries (maybe make a book out of it some day), and also do regular ol’ blog posts. In those I can be more brief and impulsive.

It’s incredibly nice to be in this position where all I’m asked to do is make art.

Michael Mark Rippie is the proprietor of this place and I intend to canonize him in the outsider artist pantheon.

2 Weeks in Goldfield, This Many Photos Already on Facebook

I thought I might as well include all the photos uploaded to Facebook so far of the International Car Forest of the Last Church.
and without further ado, here they are:
Please comment, leave links, love notes, nudie pics, whatever. It’s about interaction.. even from a remote location like this, I’m still a fishbowler.

That Damn Bus

The case of that damn blue bus:

We’ve been working on it every couple days for over a week now. We had to drag it out of its location of 20 years and get it up the hill above the car forest.

I gotta’ tell ya’, the vantage point from this bus’ new location is where one can see the whole town and surrounding area. I plan to build a platform up there and we’re installing a ladder once it’s planted.

We work at night with the backhoe. Michael Mark does the driving, pulling, tugging, and I do the chain work, wrapping it around the hooks conveniently located under the crumpled rear bumper. We’re lucky they’re still there, not much else is.

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