Correspondence from the Far End of the World

Being apart from everyone, you become aware of all the things you don’t need. Actually, it’s more that you become oblivious to all that you’re “missing”. You start to remember what you had thought you needed, and now that you’re away from that world, you have what you need anyway.


Some believe that this world should unify to become one. It would be an easier world to manage if we were one world. But I believe we should manage ourselves. I believe that no group should dominate and no group should evaporate. There will be differences but there is room for all of us.

The Earth is the Earth and the world is the world. The Earth IS one regardless of the actions of the world. The Earth IS unified and every action is connected with every other action on this Earth.

The world, though, is made of many cultures. It is many worlds within this world.

I’m ready to get back to my world, which is right in front of me. Less pixels, more atoms. My desire is to become more in harmony with my immediate world, consequently, more in harmony with the Earth.

I’m glad to be able to disconnect a bit.


This blog will continue to be connected to Facebook thru fanpages: @Fishbowler, @International Car Forest of the Last Church, @NadaDada Motel, @AYBAB2u and the event page for our big @End of the World Party (the FAR END!!), which starts tonight.

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“Are You Off Your Rocker?”

I remember, fairly recently, talking to this one guy. He has good intentions. I see that. But concerning the world & all that, he believes that all we need is exposure to more information. He was referring to big business and government and all that stuff going on behind closed doors. “We just need more information,” he said.

I fully disagree. I completely disagree. The information we all need is there in front of us. We got it. We’re all aware of what the world is becoming and who is in charge-if only by knowing it’s not us. We’re not in charge of this world. We know how things need to be but our governors are not moving us in the correct direction.

I’m leaving Facebook at the end of the week. We’re having this amazing party here at the CarForest that weekend (August 17th, 2012) and it’s called the End of the World Party (the Far End). I thought it a fitting day to end my Effbook world so that’s what I’m doing.

AFTER the End of the World, I’ll be easy to reach by email: Drop me a line right now, then you’ll be on my list. But I really can’t wait till my primary online outlet is my blog. I’ll be philosophizing/pontificating and reflecting there more deeply now. Promoting/Self promoting? yeah that will continue to be my outlet for that. I need to sell Tshirts and paintings and stuff for income.

People want to know if I’m off my rocker for leaving Effbook. I can’t answer that. It’s all perspective.

I want to get back to mine.

NadaDada? Belligerent?

NadaDadans on the Balcony
Image by Art Domagala via Flickr

The motel world is a transient world, it leaves room for a little belligerence, but SHOCK, not being our goal.. naturalism is, I think. Authenticity, truthful, obnoxious reality, misspellings and badly placed punctuation. I’m against the fantasy of the sterile gallery, as if art exists on its own plane. That don’t do it for me.. I wanna know who made what and how and USUALLY it’s a pretty fucking interesting story straight from the horse’s mouth.

NadaDada is to be the opposite of a governmental oligarchy or plutocracy or anything hierarchical using any kind of coercion. We don’t believe in dangling carrots or papers bequeathing you with officialdom, in fact.. there is no we. To jury shows and to ‘set standards’ I do believe will never be part of nadaDada.

We’re about getting ourselves the closest we can to ‘no restrictions’. We’re about giving this thing away, letting ANYBODY in that wants the work-and anyone who’d like to SEE the work. It’s artists at work.

I only say so much because I think so much about this subject. I want to build something with you.. then again, I want you to do your own thing, regardless of me. That’s what I want. I want us to be a group of individuals, not in text only or on name plates, bibliographies-no! I want to see each individual being an individual and doing it differently each year. I want to see conflict and peace, we’re presenting a world here.

It is of more interest, perhaps, in what NadaDada is NOT. We are not an imposing force, we are an inclusive force. Being in motels, as we are, we have almost unlimited growth potential in every city-this is our beauty. We are not asking for the best artists, but ALL artists to come out of the woodwork and make themselves heard, in any way they see fit. Even ‘jurying’ is allowed if that’s the way someone conducts their room.

The model is as simple as this: Each artist pays a motel or venue normal rates to open a temporary gallery, performance space, whatever, in a room. It is that direct. The date and times are the only other things you need to know to be a part.

You’ll need to promote your room because it is YOUR art show. We are all doing our own parts, and believe me, all the flyers of varying types and promotions of unique flavors do NOT hurt anyone here. Oh, you’ll have to have a sales tax permit to sell art; you don’t if you don’t. Talk to those people about that.

This year, as always, the 3rd weekend of June, Reno does NadaDada. Las Vegas’ first NadaDada will be this year, 2012, the weekend of May 4th.

Please subscribe to my posts to be updated further, or email me with a question. We have a fan page AND a group page on Facebook.

Involve yourself, belligerently, if the spirit moves you. NadaDada.

“Somewhere Inflatable?” Goldfield Journal #16

Collect moments. Start doing it now if you haven’t been already. It’s easy for an artist to look back at himself from a certain time period. He’s left his record. It’s all right there in the paint dabs, pixels, syllables, video snippets. They’re mementos; past lives, past loves, future wishes.

My home is a rusty trailer with wood paneling and a wood stove. I have a battery boom box, a couple space heaters and I have this lazy boy. My patron saint is a gun crazy old man.

Fishbowling…… It’s a way of life that I’ve been exploring for 5 years. I stay in a new location and see how it affects my artwork. How do my surroundings mark my vision? It’s a kind of experiment on myself. Maybe art always is that. Sometimes this life is very social, some times it’s not.

Maybe I’ve always been a kind of wandering artist-I don’t even know why I said maybe. I’ve always felt well suited in that way because I could live anywhere. My art is the same; it’s all over the place. It can come from anywhere. Somewhere inflatable?

I’ve found myself existing in unusual environments, but then, what’s unusual? Haven’t you ever had a business or job you were devoted to? You basically lived there? Remember how much your life changed since the last place you lived? Has it?

There’s a big chain around the neck of a visual artist’s production and that chain is location. Real estate. We gotta have the right space to use our tools. Well that’s just it isn’t it? We create from our environment. I have found myself with no job and a perfect place to live on multiple occasions. Correction to last sentence: I have a job. My job is to reflect on my surroundings and accommodate my host somehow.

Waking up in a furniture store window is a real treat. Sunset Blvd. Buses would stop in front of my window every 15 minutes with that kind of quiet swishing stop. So quiet for so many people to be inside. They got out in front of my window, all day.

Drinking from the kegs of Pabst at 4am in a coffee shop/bar, long since closed for the night, that’s fun. I sang ‘nothin’s gonna change my world.’ Bar owner played recorded videos in front of the customers the next day. Living with a camera on myself at all times in a huge corporate office space?, midnight strip show with the lights off, waking to angry boyfriend messages the next day “I saw that video..”, sex in my cardboard box in the middle of an empty gallery? (No video). Something about living behind glass makes girls want to take your/their clothes off.

These are experiences to reflect upon.

But it’s the online connection that has nestled to the top during these stays. The non-physical. I read my crowd. It’s online that my world is conveyed. Where ever I’m at is home and this is the spot where I do my business and my personalizing-wherever I am.

So it’s something about  being everywhere and nowhere. I may have moved to the desert and talk to an average of  3 people per week, but my continued exercise is in connecting further out than my physical locality, and besides, I do get visitors.

We lead unique lives.

I apologize..

    I’m not so clear on how to update this blog every day, so I think I’ll just make some notes here about that and share my thoughts/plans with you right now.

I might as well include some random images too from the Car Forest.

There are a few things for me to be focusing on. I’ve started a journal and, at this moment, I have 10 entries about my new life in the desert. They’re up and online. They’re on Facebook and I will get them onto this blog site soon as well.

I’ve been uploading alot of images. To save you the boredom of repetition, I save alot of them for myself,  but still, there are alot of them for you to peruse here.

What is the point of this project? What am I trying to do? Those two questions will be the subject of future posts.

I’ll also be uploading videos as they’re made. I made one last night that I still have to edit. We buried the bus into the ground and that was extremely exciting.

S0 alas, I’ve got photos to post in cohesive groupings, I can continue to write journal entries (maybe make a book out of it some day), and also do regular ol’ blog posts. In those I can be more brief and impulsive.

It’s incredibly nice to be in this position where all I’m asked to do is make art.

Michael Mark Rippie is the proprietor of this place and I intend to canonize him in the outsider artist pantheon.

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