Fishbowling Potentialist Post 1

In the studio none of the thoughts should seep in through the window seals but they do and with a whistling draft and rustling frames. Through the mist of grey snow showers outside my window I stare toward the new hospital tower’s neon. Renown. Yellow hazy city glows over night. Helicopters take off from the rooftop 3 times a day or more and I kinda’ like the sound. I haven’t lived downtown in awhile. Years. Memories of places I’ve been since then. Scene 1.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.21.09 PM.png

I’m in my couch tent of my studio space which is made from a theater curtain, heavy black and an aluminum U shaped ladder. The space heater warms just me in this draped enclosure over me. This workshop building stays pretty cold at night–drafty. The back door is just beyond my curtain. Last night was the first significantly warmer night for a couple weeks. These 12 section windows leak alot of cold but they let glorious light in.

At the curb I’ve been chopping away at the ice in the gutter many afternoons. It tends to solidify to little icebergs and I jump at the chance to break them up like Thor when I get a warm day. Today my work is done, there’s nothing left to clear from the curb. I took care of it. The neighbors, I wonder if they’ve even noticed their gutter is a little clearer. I can’t help myself. Walking up and down this sidewalk every day it has become my trail so I try to make it better. Why not.

Reno streets might feel lifeless but I know its only the cold. Other lifeforms are hopping the curbs with me but we cross paths, often without a nod to each other on the foot commute, just moving. Under the neon, beside the river, occasional awkward exchange. The snow drifts on mountain ridges think it’s all funny, the human drama. What is lonely to an aspen weighted by snow?

I had an art show here, up until January 4th. It was called Small Talk because the genres were from abstractions to portraiture and I wanted them to jive small talk. I put out a strangely large number of videos of me sweeping the gallery for some reason. I was just starting to stream this time around.

I’ve fishbowled like 12 times now. I like to share some edited videos to touch base with folks, let them see my environment. Not much need to explain if it’s all in visuals.

Divine Bus Belong 2 Us

Two days installing this art show; you’d never know if I didn’t tell you. The oils, I’m very happy with and some of the writing, I think is among my best. Goldfield gave me silence and the distractions have been minimal. This was the greatest boon to my creative outlay–that and the simplistic natural surroundings.

If you’ve seen my work it may surprise you to see art so traditional coming from me. Although, vehicles sticking out of the ground, as a subject matter, doesn’t really fall under the banner of “traditional landscape”. They say in writing, if your subject is abnormal, work in a normal framework. I’m practicing techniques handed down through the centuries.

My art has evolved over the course of twenty years and finally I’m feeling a sense of stabilitiy in its practice. Now I did not say, though, that I feel like I’ve mastered anything. I’m just now getting over impressing myself. I still feel like a boy discovering his sexual prowess.

Giving deeper consideration to this analogy, I should think it more accurate to say that that prowess has been discovered and explored and now I’m looking toward my skills at pleasing her.

It surprises some to learn that from the East comes a philosophy such that is Tantra, which overlaps sexual skills with spiritual devotion. With any experience of meditation one should plainly see the corresponding chords between wholesome sex, spiritual practice and art making. Sometimes we glimpse an ineffable poetry from within. Some days I make the perfect brush stroke.

“All Your Bus Are Belong 2 Us” is my latest effort in the search for divine poetry from life.


You don’t HAVE to come to the opening to enjoy the art and the writings but if you’d like a little socializing time, it’s this Wed., February 6th at 5pm:

TMCC Wall Writings & PaintingsBus & Others

Installing my exhibit today at TMCC

Crazy Sorg  I lead a charmed life. I know this. I’m here right now, just finished installing the show. I still have to install the text between some of the paintings. I love where it’s hanging. So many people walk through it was like Frogger, during the installation, going from one wall to the other between all the students and people. No, seriously. Inside I was taking pride in the skill with which I was maneuvering between them.

I’m including some before and after shots here.

It’s fifteen paintings and I’m not showing you most of them so maybe you’ll show up in person. We’re working on getting some press coverage up here.

Candace Nicole is the gallery curator.. her office is right near my display area. I come into her office and THERE I am on her wall! Haha.. I modeled for her years ago. Yes, nude, though my junk is not showing.


Opening is next Wed., the 6th @ 5pm. Hope to see you here!

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This time, I Get Interviewed (Worldwide)

Friday night @ 8pm, Pacific, I aired an interview of ME on Audio Sorgfield. You can stream it, online,

Eddie Floyd, with his guest interviewer, Sammy Stern, pick my brain about all things Sorg and all things Goldfield. Please tune it! It was a blast to talk about my new life.

Nevada Matters airs on FoxNewsRadio, around the world, I’m told. Here’s their station’s website. My interview airs there some time this weekend.

but.. I’VE ARCHIVED THE SHOW so you can hear it RIGHT HERE now:

Thank you so much, Eddie Floyd and Sammy Stern!

My NadaDada is Wildflower This Weekend

For NadaDada in Reno this weekend (June 14-17,2012), I’ll have a room exhibiting oils on canvas. Subject matter consists, mostly, of cars stickin’ out of the ground, which, if you know what I’ve been up to the past year, will not surprise you. I’m very proud of the traditional technique I’m pursuing with this latest work. Check the folder in my photos on Facebook if you’d like to see some of these cars.

My room is at Wildflower Village this year. It’s a unique kind of set up, with kitchenettes in the rooms, separate sleeping quarters, faux painting on walls and creative flourishes everywhere. It is meant to be the kind of place where creativity is encouraged, and I think they’ve successfully enacted that directive. I’m happy to be here because I still have some paintings to finish during my stay here(!)

Wildflower Village is run by businesswoman, Pat Campbell. The village consists of 4 neighboring motels and a couple art galleries with a couple art studios. It’s a very pretty location to the west of town near the Truckee River on West 4th St. The vibe is relaxed.

NadaDadans on the Balcony
NadaDadans on the Balcony Last Year (Photo credit: Art Domagala)

A music show will happen here Saturday evening (I’m playing harmonica for Zak @ 5) and there’s a BRAND NEW PUB here for our drinking pleasure. They’re laying the concrete out in front, as I type this essay. Thirty artist rooms are here at Wildflower this year for NadaDada. It’s safe to say, the event will be more focused at this location this year than it has been in years past.

The motel industry is challenging for event planners of NadaDada due to the fact that people come and go and plans cannot be made too far in advance. It’s hard to plan events in these locations each year but the pace is different at Wildflower. It’s a different clientele here. Pat and crew are quite used to dealing with artists and extremely supportive of our art event, NadaDada Motel. No Reno-style crackheads.

Downtown, there are a few participating motels along Arlington, between 4th Street and 2nd Street. That’s where the crackhead viewing happens. Do a google search or check our Facebook pages for detailed info and contacts. The event runs from Thursday, June 14th through Sunday, June 17th, 2012.

Some folks are hungry to see art, send them here; may all your weeds be wildflowers!

WildflowerVillage can be contacted for more info: 775-747-8848
RSVP here, on Facebook:

Painting Last Night (with updated photo of Skull Car Painting)

It takes an environment devoid of distraction to paint. There is always distraction. For me, that would be Facebook.

I work from photos I’ve taken here at the car forest. For the most part, the painting is accurate to the photo, though sometimes, little changes are made, details of which, I won’t bore you with.

I’ve been getting started painting past midnight lately. No reason to adjust my schedule for anyone else.

At NadaDada Motel, Vegas, I’ll be showing paintings like these and other stuff from this here desert resort. May 4th weekend, 2012.

My show will be called All  Your  Bus  Are  Belong  2  us.

Watch the following slideshow to see the skull car as the painting develops. It’s not done yet but the finished canvas will be shown here when it is.

More to come, stay tuned, and as always, please share my endevours far & wide and SUBSCRIBE!

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Van Gogh paintings with Tilt Shift applied for 3D effect (

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