And Now, the Much Anticipated 7 Foot Horse Skull (not quite finished)

Driving out to the car forest to paint something, I had an online comment from a friend in mind. He suggested I paint something from real life, something around me. I spotted a horse skull I had never noticed on a fence out by the pig pen or pig sty-whatever it’s called. (just to be sure… No pigs there now. Fence is only half there; shed is barely hangin’ on but there was this skull.

Anyway, I took the horse skull from the fence. It was tied with rusty wire. I also took the wooden stool there with a patch of carpet almost fully rotted away. It’s barely standing but I needed a pedestal for the reference bone material. I used a big rock to pound the old nails back in. It didn’t help much. The legs are not of equal lengths and the nail holes don’t hold tight anymore.

I imagined how this stool with horse skull would look sitting in the middle of a white gallery in a big city. It’ll have a rainbow of paint on it by that time, dribbled from my cans and brushes amongst the sagebrush.

So painting this skull on the white station wagon, I had Georgia O’Keefe in mind. I was also thinking of Lucien Freud. I’ll explain..

I turned around and saw the landscape behind me and I almost included a rendition of that landscape in my skull painting. This is an O’Keefe move. Her paintings featured heightened color renderings of skulls and cactus and wood, often against the stark Western landscape of which she lived, New Mexico.

I was thinking of Freud because, from the start, I wanted to use alot of colors to paint this subtle dry white of the skull. At this moment I’m not quite finished with this skull painting; I’ll work on it today when I’m done writing this.

I just want it to remain airy and faceted from different angles, “sculpting” the skull’s shape before your eyes. Will they ‘buy it’? That’s the Freud move; He would paint flesh and bodies and see if the colorful illusion worked.

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Cars Develop with Bullet Holes

7,92mm Mauser Bullet, scaled

See the bulletholes? I truly don’t think a paintjob is done till it has a few bullet holes. What I learned here is not to shoot inside of a steel vehicle.. bring earplugs at least but the bullet hole out the side of the truck is really really nice.
I’ll have to do more of those.
We buried a white station wagon the other night. It’s really nice, really clean. We hung a chain from it. I’m thinking of painting the station wagon on the station wagon. I think someone online suggested this idea and so did Michael Mark. It’s in a very auspicious spot. It marks the road into the gulch where the cars are. I just figured out the word is gulch; that’s what I’ll use from now on. It’s not a valley, it’s a gulch. Anyway, this station wagon stands over the gulch.

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