A Selected View of Sorg Paintings from TMCC

I’m afraid this blog post is a bit disordered but it’s time to give you a preview of what you’d see at my exhibition at TMCC right now if you were there. Show’s on till March 23rd. I apologize for photo quality. I guess you’ll just have to go see them in person.
Yeah, I’ve been focusing more on landscapes and, obviously, cars sticking strangely out of the ground. I’m very interested in finding homes for these paintings so please get ahold of me. I’m including my price list for these paintings in case you’re curious. Email me if interested: bigfishbowler@gmail.com. God knows I wanna’ sell a painting to someone who’d like to own it.
As always, click an image to see it blown up.


My Show’s Tonight, Hope You Can Make It

Truckee Meadows Community Colllege is a pretty nice place, I’d say. I like the campus. I’ve liked hanging out there. It’s a bit of a blast from the past as I actually taught a course there for one semester. I ended up quitting because I’m not a big fan of Flash animation, which is what I was teaching, also the pay sucks and the students, well, no, I can’t complain about the students. Some are cool and want to learn, not so with others.

Me? I’m painting today.

Anyway, here are a few posts concerning this show of mine at that campus which is tonight. You can decide what you wanna’ read:


Divine Bus Belong 2 Us

Two days installing this art show; you’d never know if I didn’t tell you. The oils, I’m very happy with and some of the writing, I think is among my best. Goldfield gave me silence and the distractions have been minimal. This was the greatest boon to my creative outlay–that and the simplistic natural surroundings.

If you’ve seen my work it may surprise you to see art so traditional coming from me. Although, vehicles sticking out of the ground, as a subject matter, doesn’t really fall under the banner of “traditional landscape”. They say in writing, if your subject is abnormal, work in a normal framework. I’m practicing techniques handed down through the centuries.

My art has evolved over the course of twenty years and finally I’m feeling a sense of stabilitiy in its practice. Now I did not say, though, that I feel like I’ve mastered anything. I’m just now getting over impressing myself. I still feel like a boy discovering his sexual prowess.

Giving deeper consideration to this analogy, I should think it more accurate to say that that prowess has been discovered and explored and now I’m looking toward my skills at pleasing her.

It surprises some to learn that from the East comes a philosophy such that is Tantra, which overlaps sexual skills with spiritual devotion. With any experience of meditation one should plainly see the corresponding chords between wholesome sex, spiritual practice and art making. Sometimes we glimpse an ineffable poetry from within. Some days I make the perfect brush stroke.

“All Your Bus Are Belong 2 Us” is my latest effort in the search for divine poetry from life.


You don’t HAVE to come to the opening to enjoy the art and the writings but if you’d like a little socializing time, it’s this Wed., February 6th at 5pm:

TMCC Wall Writings & PaintingsBus & Others

Installing my exhibit today at TMCC

Crazy Sorg  I lead a charmed life. I know this. I’m here right now, just finished installing the show. I still have to install the text between some of the paintings. I love where it’s hanging. So many people walk through it was like Frogger, during the installation, going from one wall to the other between all the students and people. No, seriously. Inside I was taking pride in the skill with which I was maneuvering between them.

I’m including some before and after shots here.

It’s fifteen paintings and I’m not showing you most of them so maybe you’ll show up in person. We’re working on getting some press coverage up here.

Candace Nicole is the gallery curator.. her office is right near my display area. I come into her office and THERE I am on her wall! Haha.. I modeled for her years ago. Yes, nude, though my junk is not showing.


Opening is next Wed., the 6th @ 5pm. Hope to see you here!

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Sorg’s Back

Sorg's GhostReno, so markedly full of artists.. I wonder why that is. Creatives make a strong bond and the open flow of ideas is powerful here. In a word: optimism. Artistic life leads to optimism.

Goldfield? Not so much. There doesn’t seem to be much of that, there. Then again I didn’t move there to join a community. I moved there to be alone and apparently, it’s the same with everyone else there. As I said before, it’s a town of anti-socialists.

But yeah, I do still live in Goldfield, painting oils like a madman and writing.

It has become evident that working for a decade with the art community here in Reno has been an invaluable investment. People here know me from my past successes and in professional or creative relationships, that’s something that can be built upon, solidly.

I’ve put in the man hours. I’ve laid a good foundation. Since the days of Bleulion Gallery, the role I’ve filled is that of connector, promoter, publicist. I took on the role out of necessity–our necessity, as a member of Nevada’s art world and it seemed a natural position for me. People appreciate my commitment to the creative life.

Did assuming this role get in the way of my own art making? That’s a pivotal question. I can’t give a simple yes OR a no.

In an alternate procession of things, I would have just stuck to myself, developing in the vacuum that is an artist’s studio. That kind of scenario would have amounted to what originally attracted me to being an artist: solitary work. Socializing had never been my forté, or so I thought.

Eventually it was confirmed, what I was learning, and that is that the schmoozing, any blue chip artist will tell you, accounts for the largest percentage of time invested in laying down the tracks that lead to the palace of art world success.

There’s a speech I sometimes give to inspire artists toward developing a more collaborative spirit: “Me, Them & Us”. We evolve toward adulthood from the selfish & self centered perspective as if “I” am all there is–service me! Then we’re on to the independent phase, “I don’t need THEM!” But then, if we develop more fully, which some never do, we get to the stage of INTER dependence where judgmental competitiveness is left behind and we see the higher plane and the glory/grace of inter-connectedness.

So, did all this get in the way? No. I made the choice of collective involvement because I could see that doing my part in the community would help to advance alot of us, and not just me. As a consequence, I’d always belong to a community that would be supportive of my efforts too.

God knows I’ve tried to break away from this community but it always seems to suck me back in. I feel the love every time I come back to Reno and see a show populated by all my friends. They keep on going whether I’m here or not, which certainly seems to be the case with NadaDada, now in it’s 7th year!

See!!? Didn’t we tell you!?? NadaDada is its own beast–no one at the helm!

An ancient philosopher noticed two great desires of the human psyche: the need to belong and the need to stand out. Isn’t it ironic?

As any film maker can tell you, conflict is essential to good story telling.

Sorg Lays in Oils

“All Your Bus Are Belong 2 Us -Oil Paintings and Writings From the Car Forest by Chad Sorg” is my art exhibition at Truckee Meadows Community College, Feb. 1st thru Mar. 23rd. Free to the public.

*details link OR click the picture.


All Your Bus Are Belong 2 Us-my Art Exhibition, starts Feb. 1st

I was on the radio “Nevada Matters” with Eddie Floyd, the other day, talking about my own show at TMCC.

Next week I’ll be on KOLO TV 8, in Reno, talking to Amanda Sanchez the early broadcast which I think is around 6:15 am.

“Chad Sorg has been painting. He’s also been writing. Having recently moved to Goldfield, Nevada, he’s been painting erected cars and promoting the world’s newest roadside attraction. The relative solitude has given him time for oils and words, using an abandoned bus for a studio.”
I’ve got 10 oils to show plus writings since I’ve lived down here in Goldfield. Come see whatcha’ think!

TMCC Art Galleries Exhibitions

home > artgalleries > 2013 > spring > tmcc art galleries exhibitions

Art exhibits on display for Feb. 1 – Mar. 23, 2013

All Your Bus Are Belong to Us Oil Paintings and Writings From the Car Forest by Chad Sorg

“All Your Bus Are Belong to Us” Oil Paintings and Writings From the Car Forest by Chad Sorg

Erik Lauritzen Gallery

Chad Sorg has been painting. He’s also been writing. Having recently moved to Goldfield, Nevada, he’s been painting erected cars and promoting the world’s newest roadside attraction. The relative solitude has given him time for oils and words, using an abandoned bus for a studio.

Met in Metal: David Boyer, Brett Moten, John Septien

Met in Metal: David Boyer, Brett Moten, John Septien

TMCC Main Art Gallery

These artists have come together to exhibit a variety of Metal Sculptures. In 1998 David Boyer began the process of inventing kinetic wind sculptures. In January of 2003, he received a commission with the City of Reno, Nevada, to build and install 63 kinetic wind sculptures for the City’s “Arts and Culture District”. He now actively works on public art pieces around the Country. Brett Moten uses both traditional blacksmithing techniques and modern technology to create both functional metal objects and works of fine art. A variety of metals are utilized, including; steal, bronze, copper, laminated metals. He also teaches blacksmithing processes at his studio on Dickerson Road. John Septien’s pathway to metal sculpture began as a journeyman Pipe fitter/Welder in Wyoming where he developed the techniques and skills needed to weld a variety of metals. John left industry to teach welding at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Works by Carolyn Buck Vosburgh

Works by Carolyn Buck Vosburgh

Red Mountain Gallery

Carolyn Buck Vosburgh is a visual artist residing in Venice, California. Whether using a flat surface or three-dimensional space, Carolyn defines herself as a painter using personal symbols to allude to time and place within the human experience. She has participated in artist residencies at the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts in Indiana, Red Cinder on the Big Island of Hawaii, and at the Storefront Studio in Irvine, California. Her art-related employment has included co-owning a private art school in Orange County, working as a decorative painter doing murals in homes and businesses, and teaching at the university and high school level. Her artwork has been shown both regionally and nationally.

Abstract Paintings: Photos by Brandon Lacow

Abstract Paintings: Photos by Brandon Lacow

Red Mountain Student Gallery

Brandon Lacow is a former student at Truckee Meadows Community College. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at the University of Nevada, Reno. His images present his viewers with abstract paintings onto nude forms.

Work by RENO ART WORKS Artists

Work by RENO ART WORKS Artists

Meadowood Galleries

Reno Art Works is an organization devoted to providing professional workspace, gallery, and classroom space to artists of all mediums and styles. Reno Art Works is a non-competitive organization dedicated to furthering the constant movement of art. Whatever form art may take.

Core Values

Core Values

Veterans Upward Bound Gallery

Core Values investigates the deeper themes of motivations, consequences, and healing that contribute to one’s sense of self. David J. Drakulich Art Foundation and VA Sierra Nevada Healthcare Systems collaborate to provide the Veterans’ Art Project, dedicated to providing creative opportunities for Veterans and their families.

Information culled from TMCC’s current schedule page:
Nevada Matters Radio:

I Want a Letter From You

Sorg & Orange

Hi guys. I’ve been painting like crazy lately. I’ve also been writing a lot as I have a show at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno coming up. February, and I’m showing both painting and writing on the walls there. I’m grateful for the opportunity because it’s kinda’ kicked my ass into gear.

Oil painting on canvas allows me to face my fears head on. It’s weird, I’m a painter but I’ve been avoiding painting a bit the past few years. I’ve gotten rid of sooooo much work of mine.. I’ve always been able to sell paintings so why should now be any different? I’m goin’ for it. I’m painting what I want to and the writing is important to me as well. I’m actually writing a book called Fishbowler.

Catchy name, eh?

But yeah, about writing, please write me. I’ll writcha’ back.. long hand. It’s so 19th century, I know, but someone’s handwriting can be so fun to look at. I write goofy letters, so please, drop me a line, ask questions, whatever. I like to inspire, so if that’s what you’d like from me, lemme’ know!

HEY.. didja’ know I went to jail? Yeah well, I don’t wanna’ talk about it here on my blog so if you’d like to hear the story about that, or possibly how it all went down during my presidency at the Chamber, just ask. My life is unique, I know this, and I love to share it with you!

Chad Sorg -End of the World

P.O. Box 53

Goldfield, NV, 89013

Bus Burn Painting, Oil, 12 x 16

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