Imagine a story where he plans his wardrobe each year. He took an hour to plan out what he’d wear each day of the month and clothes in his closet were then categorized accordingly. The rest of the year he didn’t have to think about what to wear each day.

It was a good way for him to tell time and to remember which day an event took place based on what he was wearing. As time went on his mind became trained to notice this detail each day.

Eventually he became obsessed with the question of “which clothes will I be wearing the day I die.” He worried that they would not be appropriate.

Molezzo Effect Motor Lodge


Inspiration hit. Peeking out his motel window, downstairs, three pigeons flew diagonal past up against sharp blue backlight and at the same time in his field of vision 3 people seemed choreographed momentarily. The motel courtyard, trees shook, a woman with biker shorts too tight picked up a quarter and red jersey gold bracelet guy’s cigarette blew out. It was a flash.

So he opened the curtains.


A colorblind artist does not exist. I gotta’ finish this story some time.


The art event was over. A day after the public left and he was still in room 122. Anonymous here if you want to be so he was painting by the microwave and journaling by the window. Important things. The balance between red and blue and varied chapter lengths. He carried steady thought on how personal he might get in writing. He wondered how personal painting. Orange shadows, for instance, that’s personal.


And he told me that there’s a need for truth. Truth as we all see it. That kind of truth needs to exist he’s telling me, this man, this friend of mine the other night. We looked at his art and he told me that people need to believe that there is something beyond us. Quickly we got to that point in the conversation. It’s nice having old friends.


The stars over this desert at night cast unruly romantic ideas about her. It’s like he’s dreaming asleep but he walks the night to sagebrush too thick to assail in his waking. Alone, this trailer affords time to paint and to think of what’s missing. Rehash what was misaligned. Trash it all along. Alone, without the proximity to it all his judgement desireful.


The update of life surrounds minutes moments of the time, time. time.” He writes. “Innocent when you dream” he sings. Artist typecast like he’s on a mission. He’s inward and sitting in corners. Shut down to the outside.

“I’d be hoppin’ up and down like a boxer before the fight” crashing his gloves together making a pummphhk sound–pummphhk pummphhk. A small kid expresses himself passionately on the motel’s curb outside his window 122.

To title an artwork with long strung words is interesting and a certain choice. I wouldn’t blame anyone to dislike it. It concerns him how his artwork is talked about when he’s gone. This is why he listens when people talk about whatever they talk about.


The last art retreat I was on was more explicit. Everyone involved lived it the same way and with purpose to work. We stayed in an old hospital then. It had become an art center and art was central. This time it’s me on my own time on the shaded side of this motor lodge. It’s my own world I’m making and rough. I miss the pile of TVs outside. Also I’m not drinking so this brings something to it.

The detailed renderings come in spurts.


She showed me her posters screen printed and one featuring Hank Williams. Another one had Tammy Wynette. Who knows where she got ’em. She was hangin’ them in the motel office. They were done in a folk art style. Maybe by the Reverend Howard Finster, his style anyway.

The manager lives behind the office in her room that has a living room attached to the bedroom. She had a guy working on the courtyard the past week, watering the dirt. Planted some flowers. She takes pride in this motel. The owner, he’s a tight ass lawyer with car dealerships but she takes pride in this place.

A guy got shot here a couple weeks ago but that was just stupid I’m told.


Art takes us away. It’s the opiate for the masses but the masses found other opiates. It’s too bad. It is what it is. We think and think about what to do about it all to fix it all, but these folks are getting their fix elsewhere. Their drugs are putting them somewhere you’ll never be able to take them.

Art is for the stable in life. Art can bring to the stable instability and this is the excitement.

A woman stormed in to look at my art room and she had intelligent things to say. As she left me and my dude friend at the curb, she talked about liking art like this which makes her a hippy. She called herself a “hippy hooker” and walked away in tight shorts.

Blank stare, my friend turns to me “but how much? Wait… but how much?”


An Artist’s Bodhisattva

Image created by Trelaine
Sorghisattva image created by Trelaine

Point taken: If I like NadaDada as a leaderless entity, I should step back and make it clear that I’m just another among the ranks–it’s a Tao thang. Well, that is what I am, just another artist. It’s just that I have trouble not being a connector. I suppose I think of myself as an artist’s bodhisattva. Note to self: write that one down–in fact, it’s not a bad title for this essay…

I’m told that I should just get a room and promote what I’m doing. It’s the same for all of us. My secret weapon? I have a blog–yeah, it’s the one you’re reading right now.

So maybe I’ve already told you but I’m writing a book. It’s well underway and each month it gets better. I’m becoming a better writer. I’ve even put painting on hold to a certain extent. All my concentration has gone to the writing of this book. At this point, though, I need some help. It’s great when I can read from it to someone. My girlfriend is getting sick of the job.

For NadaDada this year, I’m going to be doing some readings. I’ll ask if I can read to them and then I will read a passage and then thank them profusely. Hopefully they’ll have some kind of reaction I’ll be able to gauge from.

I’ve always tried to apply the wisdom that each job should be regarded as an education. Each art show should be treated in this way as well. Like Saturday Night Live, NadaDada is not yet ready for prime time. If the art I show is unfinished, what’s wrong with that? The rule book never said we can’t use NadaDada for our own selfish needs.

I need an audience to help me edit this book. I think it’s going to be titled “The Never Ending Fishbowler Excursion”. Maybe someone will talk me out of that title. I dunno. Maybe it will have a chapter called “An Artist’s Bodhisattva“. I dunno.

NadaDada is June 13th thru 16th, 2013 in various motels around Reno.

Advice For The Young in Art

burger I illustrated in design sollege

It’s like spiritual. If we grasp so tightly to the idea of dollar amounts for our art and business this and business that, the art–it goes away.. it no longer carries the aura of art.

The most blessed ones, the gifted ones, the perfrectly at ease ones.. the ones that end up in the history books, they’re able to control their desires to make money and forget about it and just make FUCKING ART! It’s art! make art!

Don’t be a lost art baby, swimming around after a few canvases going “where’s the money? Why am I not making money? Why does no one see my genius?” Just fucking paint. Just fucking shoot. Treat them like materials, since this is a material world, and make them stand–out items of material. Make them into stunning presentations of “things” and then, just maybe THEN, someone will pay attention to your things. But until then, you’re just another monkey smearing paint in a sea of millions of paint smearing monkeys.

Don’t take it for granted what the professionals have done with their time. They’ve studied art history and they’ve studied the art market and they know what’s happening. They’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. They understand their niche.

Keep your head about you. Stay objective.

Remember: there’s art for art’s sake, the kind of art that is NOT “sell out” and then there’s art for the sake of something else. If that something else is $$$$.. well, sorry, that’s just not fucking interesting, but if that something else that your art is in the service of, make it something beautiful. Art in the name of community, or art in the name of peace. Make art for the sake of humanity but MEAN IT! Art can serve whatever end you’d like it to.

Egos Nowhere

photo by Alanna McDaniel at Living Room on Sunset Blvd.
photo by Alanna McDaniel at Living Room on Sunset Blvd.

Ego is the cause of our success in endeavors and the source of our motivation to outdo the competition. Ego can offer a reason to “help” others and do “good”. We want to look good; we want to be righteous. When someone else succeeds instead of me and there’s an emotional reaction within me, that’s ego.

   We should pay close attention to our emotions when any of these things happen and we must face the harsh truth about our own ego. After a success or a righteous action, we must refocus our attention to something not about our self.

   But we have ego working us and lurking under our movements just like everybody else does. Just like everybody else, our ego gets us to our goals, yes, but ego is deceptive and ego distorts harmony as if it’s the only. Ego is not our friend. Ego is the only friend a self has: ego is selfishness itself.

Ego is the source of the anger that makes us lash out at others. Ego is defensive. The ego fights to defend itself at all times.

To say that someone has a “big ego” is a misinterpretation of the word. We should say he has a “damaged ego” or an “imperfect ego”. But don’t we all?

   “Honesty without compassion is brutality” -unknown

Since defeat is the only thing ego cannot handle, I kind of think we should invite our ego to be defeated as a kind of training. Maybe then it will start to behave and we can enjoy successes together.

Honesty–The Miracle Show Part 1

English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair I...
English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair International, 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think of Hunter S. Thompson and his Gonzo journalism. There’s one story while on the campaign trail in ’72, he nearly got the shit beat out of him by Secret Service thugs by way of a misunderstanding.

Seems the campaign manager called Hunter out in a restaurant about something Mr. Gonzo had written about him in the Rolling Stone article that month. Though Hunter liked the man and was generally complimentary, about his appearance, Hunter called him rumpled and likened him to a used car salesman.

Walking into the restaurant the campaign manager yelled “You have the nerve to show up here!?” Dr. Thompson hadn’t noticed George McGovern, the candidate, was present as well as his Secret Servicemen who were about to pounce on the unwelcome journalist.

In the end, apparently it was just a joke and said campaign manager didn’t really care about Hunter’s comments, although his wife apparently hated Thompson for what he’d said.

I freelance from time to time for local publications and I can recall one artist that I know and respect talking to me about an art review of mine that had just been published about his show. He thanked me but added comments about how sometimes art reviewers will throw in a kind of back-handed compliment.

This remark always stuck with me because, like a double agent, I had my paranoia that his “back-handed comment” was, in fact, back-handed. You see, there was something about his exhibition that I was criticizing by artfully using the word “abundance”. I love this artist’s work but i felt there was too much of it being shown.

There can be alot of fear in journalistic endeavors, but then again, I guess one could say the same about any kind of story telling or communication in general.

The lesson learned is this: Don’t try to be artful. Be courageous and just say it. If your opinion insults someone then maybe you’ve given them the best gift of all–honesty.

Please stay tuned for my next blog post. I’m going to “review” The Miracle Show which was a group of artists who performed and showed work at Reno Art Works this weekend. I want to lay it out honestly; they’ll all forgive me.

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Divine Bus Belong 2 Us

Two days installing this art show; you’d never know if I didn’t tell you. The oils, I’m very happy with and some of the writing, I think is among my best. Goldfield gave me silence and the distractions have been minimal. This was the greatest boon to my creative outlay–that and the simplistic natural surroundings.

If you’ve seen my work it may surprise you to see art so traditional coming from me. Although, vehicles sticking out of the ground, as a subject matter, doesn’t really fall under the banner of “traditional landscape”. They say in writing, if your subject is abnormal, work in a normal framework. I’m practicing techniques handed down through the centuries.

My art has evolved over the course of twenty years and finally I’m feeling a sense of stabilitiy in its practice. Now I did not say, though, that I feel like I’ve mastered anything. I’m just now getting over impressing myself. I still feel like a boy discovering his sexual prowess.

Giving deeper consideration to this analogy, I should think it more accurate to say that that prowess has been discovered and explored and now I’m looking toward my skills at pleasing her.

It surprises some to learn that from the East comes a philosophy such that is Tantra, which overlaps sexual skills with spiritual devotion. With any experience of meditation one should plainly see the corresponding chords between wholesome sex, spiritual practice and art making. Sometimes we glimpse an ineffable poetry from within. Some days I make the perfect brush stroke.

“All Your Bus Are Belong 2 Us” is my latest effort in the search for divine poetry from life.


You don’t HAVE to come to the opening to enjoy the art and the writings but if you’d like a little socializing time, it’s this Wed., February 6th at 5pm:

TMCC Wall Writings & PaintingsBus & Others

Sometimes The Best We Can Hope For Is To Piss Somebody Off

OK, maybe not so exciting for you to look at on this blog site, but today I hung the name tags and the text in my show at TMCC. I chose writings and hung a fairly random selection of them. I’ve enjoyed it thouroughly, looking thru my writings to choose the right ones for this college atmosphere. There’s some stuff in there, not exactly education oriented and I’m expecting SOMEONE to be pissed by SOMETHING I say in there, but that’s literature, I guess.

Wow, I just referred to something I’ve made as literature. Hmm..

The opening is NEXT Wed. Feb. 6th at 5pm. I hope to see you there, but if not, just swing up here and take a look yourself, while it’s quiet, and please, fer godssakes, TELL SOMEBODY about it if ya’ like it. I’m putting 100% into this show because I’m a painter and a writer and this is the first time I get to display both disciplines.

Exhibit details:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Installing my exhibit today at TMCC

Crazy Sorg  I lead a charmed life. I know this. I’m here right now, just finished installing the show. I still have to install the text between some of the paintings. I love where it’s hanging. So many people walk through it was like Frogger, during the installation, going from one wall to the other between all the students and people. No, seriously. Inside I was taking pride in the skill with which I was maneuvering between them.

I’m including some before and after shots here.

It’s fifteen paintings and I’m not showing you most of them so maybe you’ll show up in person. We’re working on getting some press coverage up here.

Candace Nicole is the gallery curator.. her office is right near my display area. I come into her office and THERE I am on her wall! Haha.. I modeled for her years ago. Yes, nude, though my junk is not showing.


Opening is next Wed., the 6th @ 5pm. Hope to see you here!

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Art Reviews Written by Sorg

I’m very proud of the art reviews I wrote for Reno News & Review. If you like reading about art like I do, read up.. comments always appreciated.
Sweetness ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 12.10.09 )

Andrea D. Juillerat candy coats her nonverbal communication.

Natural gait ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 09.17.09 )

Elaine Parks likes not knowing how her art will look when it’s finished.

Extra ordinary ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 08.27.09 )

Nebraska artist Tim Guthrie explores American perceptions of torture.

Straight edge ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 05.28.09 )

A retrospective of artist Kelsie Harder’s works.

Bulk art ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Arts & Culture – 04.23.09 )

Where do some of the big hotels and casinos buy their paintings? And do they have any artistic or educational value?

In the think tank ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Arts & Culture – 12.25.08 )

Local artist Chad Sorg spent a week living in a “fishbowl” on public display, ruminating on monks, exhibitionists and voyeurs. Here’s his first-hand account of the experience.

Factory productions ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 12.18.08 )

Is Dania Home & Office just a furniture store, or is it an art gallery?

Steal this art ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 04.03.08 )

It’s funny how rough and disjointed art like John Yoyogi Fortes’ could look friendly, but it does.

Painted birds ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 02.21.08 )

Women get naked for a good cause.

View from a hot dog cart ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 06.21.07 )

He may look and sound like a natural-born hot dog man, but cartoons are Woody’s art.

Body parts ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 05.03.07 )

Not specifically erotic or macabre, B.O.D.Y. points to our fascination with the human vessel.

Fire starter ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 03.15.07 )

The Shiva Vista Project is building a fire-breathing tower for Burning Man—an image of creation through destruction.

Get in gear ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Arts & Culture – 02.08.07 )

The Reno Bike Project is putting bike advocacy in action by trying to give new life to donated bike parts.

On the flipside ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 01.18.07 )

Neither a cowboy nor a poet, artist and TMCC curator Nolan Preece exhibits his photography in Elko during the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Bare boned ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 10.26.06 )

Using mostly wood and bone, artist Walter McNamara is high-minded and lowbrow in his work, with winks and nods in every corner.

In full bloom ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 09.28.06 )

Mary Warner’s exhibit Bloom shows masterful rendering and humbling accuracy of a simple subject—flowers.

Hunter-gatherers ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 08.31.06 )

Eight local collectors share their prized obsessions in To Collect and Preserve at Shappard Art Gallery.

I, robot ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 08.24.06 )

Hotshot Few Thousand is meant to be seen as an autonomous being without human dependence. As the robot’s fame grows, its creator, Chris Munz, would prefer to fully slide into anonymity.

Fit to print ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 08.03.06 )

Printmakers’ Conspiracy honors some of the more mysterious aspects of printmaking.

Eyeful of icons ( RN&R – Arts&Culture – Art of the State – 04.13.06 )

If you think Russian icons look awkward and unrealistic, its makers were just doing their job.

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