Artist Donates 5 foot Oil Portrait of Trump, Auctioned For Republican Campaign

“For Immediate Release”

Feature story or interview by request

President Trump & Republicans in Indiana To Receive Artist’s Donation of Large Trump Portrait in Oils to be auctioned off as a donation to benefit the conservatives in office.

His work has been featured in Time Magazine, New Statesman, New York Times, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Huffington Post, USA Today and Wall Street Journal. In 2019 he did a TED talk about his artistic endeavors in the desert and for a short time he was the president of the Chamber of Commerce in that desert town, Goldfield, Nevada. The Car Forest quickly become an international oddity celebrated, and was recently featured in Time Magazine.

–“It’s kind of my style to paint the most polarizing face in America because I see that his work is good. And I see that even the conflicts attract attention to the subjects at hand. Our man is a showman with bravado. I hope to inspire diversity of thought. It’s a matter of expressing with courage a defense of my conservative stance amongst the liberal art world. I became the black sheep.”

–artist, Chad Sorg

In Reno, NV for 20 years, Sorg co-founded NadaDada Motel, art exhibitions in motel rooms. 400 creatives have participated. The 3rd year brought with it a New York Times article on NadaDada. He helped built & promote the International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield, NV. which is a roadside attraction of 40 cars planted vertically and painted by visiting mural artists. There’s no accounting for taste.

Chad Sorg has been back in Fort Wayne, IN since 2017 quietly painting paintings in his studio but the artist has now painted a large portrait of President Donald J. Trump. No attention is bad attention. At least politics is interesting.

Silent Auction, $5000 minimum.

Painting, oil on canvas, 40” x 60”, framed in poplar.

Painting is on display at Allen County Republican Headquarters in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. The funds are being donated to the Trump’s Re-election Campaign as well as Allen County Republican Party. Prints of the portrait will be available.


Artist, Chad Sorg

Art of Sorg on Facebook

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